NEW! Fostex TH610 Premium Reference Closed-Back Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hifiguy528, Feb 12, 2016.
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  1. kuutan
    Besides changing the cups, I'm also curious what other mods we can do to the 610s. Awhile back I read about people covering certain holes behind the black ring to change the sound for the th900s... But I'm not sure on that...

    I"m waiting for the open back version of the th610s... I'm tempted to cut a hole in the walnut cups just to know how it'll
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  2. George Taylor
    I hear you. Ever since I saw the "wooden" T50RP variation they're showing at conventions I've been waiting for a shot at it. I enjoy every set of cans I've heard from Fostex. And I agree with you all here today, the 610s are definitely under represented here and elsewhere. I don't really know if they're worth the full price, especially with the Massdrop offerings available. And those cans are probably what is killing the 610 more than anything.
  3. sigmasix

    I agree with the above, when testing for amps recently I tried out the MOJO, iDSD Black Label & Questyle CMA400i over a few hours.

    The MOJO sounded great and smooth but I didn't like the pairing as it lost some detail imo with the 610's. The iDSD was excellent for the price, sounded energetic with the 610's but I was after a desktop unit vs portable/desktop so went with the CMA400i which I'm very happy with.

    That What HiFi article initially turned me off the 610's when I was researching as there weren't many other opinions back then, and I think plays some part in it's popularity or lack there of. When I was testing I didn't really consider them at all, but once I was in the shop and comparing them to comparative priced hp's it was pretty clear the quality of the 610's for the price is excellent.

    As I've posted previously, testing the 400i's, the MEZE 99's & 610's for me was a clear upgrade in sound and I didn't want to spend more than the 610's cost. Initially I was thinking the 400i, as it was extremely comfortable and light, the highs were amazing, but it lacked elsewhere in comparison. The MEZE 99 sounded better for an 'overall hp for all music' and had great mids and bass, but the 610's have excellent bass and a more energetic higher quality sound compared to the other two headphones, but you're paying for that upgrade. They're different types of hp too, 400i being portable the 99's being portable/home and the 610's sits for me as a 'home hp' etc.
  4. donkeywalker
    Has anyone compared this with denon D5000, D7000 or D7200?
  5. casper3127
    The D7000s are more refined, with a better sound stage and better instrument separation. The sound is much more linear (taking it with the perspective that we're talking of a Fostex/Denon sound signature).
    For me they're a step forward the TH610s. Both are enjoyable cans but the Denons reserve a more relaxed listening. The Fostexs put the music much more in your face. They're my perfect mates with a diy shorter cable to hear music out of a X5 III.
  6. GivenTheOkiDoke
    Has anyone tried these with Dekoni pads? Specifaclly the Fenestrated Sheepskin?
  7. kuutan
    I have the Dekoni TH-X00 elite sheepskin on mines. To my ears it's an improvement in every way- comfort and sound quality. But I haven't tried it with the Dekoni attenuation rings. Can't justify paying the price for two plastic rings, so I made a hard paper version. Not a big noticeable difference in my opinion.

    I vaguely remember reading mixed reviews for the fenestrated ones.
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