NEW! Fostex TH610 Premium Reference Closed-Back Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hifiguy528, Feb 12, 2016.
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  1. casper3127
    Right now I'm listening to Cubicolor with their Brainsugar album with my TH610s and a FiiO X5 III. Really enjoyable.

    The OST from Imaginarium sounds also great with these cans.
  2. chimney189
    I read a review where it stated that these headphones are more treble orientated.
    Would you agree with this statement?
  3. TJ Max
    No they are more neutral orientated, with a small boost in bass and treble.
  4. casper3127
    No, not at all. If you compare them with the hd650s, they definitely are brighter but you have to take into account the HD650s' treble rolled-off sound signature.

    The TH610s are very enjoyable to listen to your music. You just put them on and start tapping your toes. The D7000s are more refined, but having the possibility to but an aftermarket cable to use the TH610s with, it's a win win combination.

    I'm a bit picky with the higher frequencies, having sold my iBasso it03s since I found their trebles a bit too piercing for my taste, if that can help... I must admit that I'm a fan of these cans and the Denons' sound signature.

    Comfortwise, soundwise and pricewise if you're able to get a good deal, they are a great, great choice.

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  5. chimney189
    Is the boost in bass in the sub-bass, mid-bass or both?
  6. TJ Max
    It's more in the sub bass.
  7. kuutan
    I'm happy to see some life in this thread. I was contemplating getting th900 but I don't have the opportunity to listen to a pair. Would anyone say it's night and day between th900 and the 610?
  8. casper3127
    Could you please perhaps develop a bit more your question?
  9. kuutan
    Hmm... I guess I want to know if the th900 has a big noticeable sound quality improvement over the 610.
  10. HerrWallen
    To me, they compliment each other, I have both.

    The problem with the HD650s is that they are very source-dependent. Out of the right amp the sound both fun and forward and I can listen to practically any genre with them, out of the wrong one they sound dull and rolled of. I use mine on a Darkvoice or a iFI iDSD BL and the Senns are some of the most musical headphones I've ever heard.

    The TH-610s on the other hand sounds good to great out of almost anything, they are that easy to drive. While they scale well, you just get a better experience, not "different" like the HD650s.

    If I where to compare them (which is tough), I'd say that you get more "slam" or "bounce" out of the TH-610s (without being over-empathetic) and slightly less mid-range (still great though). They are super-fun for electronica and other modern genres because of it, and due to their rather well-bodied yet neutral signature they cater just as fine for a more eclectic taste in music. If you're into soundstage, the TH-610s are my choice without competition as they feel more "spacious" in comparison. Separation and imaging are, yet again different, neither one is better or worse here.
    Fun fact: They made some of my other headphones I'd owned for years sound bad and broken after I'd spent my first, wonderful weekend with the them.
    Oh, out of the box, the TH-610s came across a bit bright to me as well but that mellowed out after a couple of days. Now they are close to neutral in my book and absolutely awesome.

    The HD650s (properly amped) gives you a more liquid mid-range that seduces you in the most magical way, you can't lay them down and the treble is so sweet you'd wish Sennheiser could just bottle it up and sell it as an dessert. The bass, while not as pronounced is of great quality but much dryer compared to the Fostex and because of it sounds a bit more controlled than the more "natural" bass on the TH-610s.
    There is a reason why these are "timeless", the are really good.

    And that is the thing, they are both really, really good headphones. Your decision should at least in part be based on how much you're willing to spend on amplification.

    Honestly, I would be ok with giving up all of my headphones tomorrow as long as I could keep my Senns and my TH-610s :)
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  11. kuutan
    Well said.
  12. cute
    The 610 has driver damping with the same material that Mark Lawton uses for his Tune Up Kit. I purchased a 610 on Ebay for a very good price, then purchased Padauk Lawton Chambers and beat the price of the TH900 MK2 by $400. Having had the TH900 MK2, the V shape bass and treble emphasis was fixed, in the modded Lawton 610, smooth and more neutral with more even bass, mids and treble. I was able to sell the 610 Walnut cups here on Headfi for even more savings. My 610 has it's forever home, I just had the Klipsch HP-3 for a week, and even though that is semi open, my 610 beat it in every way, bigger soundstage on the 610 BTW!
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  13. casper3127
    I haven't had the opportunity to hear the TH900, but what I've read from them to some hifi colleagues I trust, is that they're more extremed in both ends. Great WoW factor in the first moments but after some time, you feel you need something more calmed like a TH610 or educated like the D7000s.
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  14. sigmasix
    Fostex 610's would be more fun in my opinion, with better bass and are great sounding generally across all genres, more so edm/hip hop for me vs classic for instance. I've owned the 650's with the Meier stack in the past and with the cross-feed for classical/acoustic it is an excellent combo. I miss the kind sound it had as it was more liquid silk (HD650 with Meier) vs a more vibrant bassy sound (TH-610 with Questyle) perhaps?

    The main reason I got the 610's was due to a change in living situation and needing closed headphone as priority, secondly needed a hp for all genres as I'm re-building my hp collection again and having a comfortable hp for long listening sessions.

    I got the chance to do a comparison in Sydney, originally I was looking at the OPPO PM-3 (so comfortable and light, detailed planar sound) then the MEZE 99 (more enjoyable sound overall but not as fast vs the PM-3) then the 610 was recommended as an upgrade, which I couldn't put down in comparison as a full size, home head phone that was a notch above for me in terms of hi-fi sound vs the other two and was worth the extra money even though my budget was lower.

    I'm actually looking into thee 660s or maybe HE-560 to compliment the 610's when it's more quiet at home and to enjoy open back, and to have a complimentary but different headphone to supplement the 610. Though I could happily enjoy the 610 for a long while if I can hold back on the upgrade-itis :)
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  15. chimney189
    I really appreciate all the feedback.
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