NEW! Fostex TH610 Premium Reference Closed-Back Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hifiguy528, Feb 12, 2016.
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  1. HiFiGuy528
    "Fostex Japan teased us with the new TH610 Premium Reference Series headphones. Not much information is available at this time. Judging by the picture posted on their Japanese website, the new headphone will have removable cables, Denon D5000/7000 like ear pads (our recommendation) and wood cups instead of magnesium on the outgoing TH600. More info to come..."
  2. pickleweed
    hopefully these are ballparked around the th-x00 pricing.....probably dreaming though.
    removable cables and the old pads [​IMG] 
  3. YtseJamer
    It's obvious they want to capitalize on the success of the TH-X00...
    Fostex are doing exactly the same thing that Grado did with the PS500 after the success of the HF-2.
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  4. Frostillicus
    Yay the mystery of "what phones are in the release pic of the new hp-a4" has been solved!
  5. musikaladin I like the TH-X00 with its glossy wood surface much better than the TH-X610...
  6. Peter78
    I prefer the matte finish.  Super-glossy wood always looks cheap and artificial to me.  I own the TH-X00, as well.
  7. White Lotus
    These look great - can't wait for the hearing impressions and pricing! 
  8. ThatNzGuy
    Damn, those ugly connectors again...

    I love the stained look though, much better than the cheap-looking X00's.

    Here's to hoping they can best the X00's in sound.
  9. Currawong Contributor
    Guys, I've removed the troll (not his first account by a long shot) his posts and all your replies. What I ask of everyone, which I've had in the Posting Guidelines for years now is this:
  10. mysticstryk
    Really like the matte finish. Looking forward to impressions.
  11. tf10charged
    good for you. i find matte finish looks used, cheap and ugly. to each own i guess.
  12. lixoke
    That color of brown doesn't look good.
  13. ken1mbhf
    So according to Fostex, they are demoing these headphones at the Portable Audio Laboratory meet in Japan today. A comparison with the TH-X00 will certainly be interesting...
  14. wuhanclan
    Just ordered my TX-X00 for May and now there's this ...
  15. SurvivorNVL
    Oh, I am so interested in how this goes against the TH-X00.  I would have to bet it'll be slightly more expensive if it sounds the same.  Love the matte, though.
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