NEW! Fostex TH610 Premium Reference Closed-Back Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hifiguy528, Feb 12, 2016.
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  1. George Taylor
    FWIW, I have all 3. 610s, 900s, & 650s. The 610s are more lively than the 650s to my ears. That said, they're not as lively as other offerings out there. The 900s are crazy fun cans. And yes, the 610s are kind of like a dull version of the 900s. Lesser lows and highs in comparison. Still I think they are quite nice, especially if you can get them at a sale price. Maybe you should be comparing them to the Massdrop offerings instead if you're looking for a fun sounding pair in that price range? I'd offer to help but haven't gotten to hear any of them myself.
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  2. kuutan
    Thanks for sharing! For awhile I wanted to ask if anyone has modded their 610. I think I tried to buy your walnut cups lol. It's so nice I wanted an extra. Not sure i want to ever change the cups but im considering other available mods since i like these cans. I'm keeping an eye out for the day a pair of th900 cups pop up for sale....

    Was it easy replacing cups? I think a lot thx00 owners have tried, should be similar ?
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  3. jmills8
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  4. kuutan
    Hats off to have my envy.. I wish I can demo a pair before I budget for a pair... Damn must be nice!
  5. jmills8
    Just get a well kept used one. Also each can be modded very easily. One has a Silver cable, two others have high grade Copper and one is fully modded by Lawton. The last one is stock and I use that one as much as the others.
  6. kuutan
    You musy really love the 900. I've been hunting one, just most won't take my offer. Missed out on a deal on ebay today, tad out of my range. Until then I'll still enjoy my 610.
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  7. George Taylor
    That's how I got my 900s. Lucked out on eBay and got them for around $700. It was one of those "this price obo" things, so I offered. They're mk1s but I don't mind that for the price.
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  8. obsidyen
    It is sad that there's so little love for this great headphone. :)

    What amp do you guys use with TH-610? I don't find the synergy with Mojo very good.
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  9. cute
    Finally someone besides me likes the 610. What people don't realize is Lawton tune-up kit type mods come on the drivers, same dampening material that Mark Lawton uses! I removed the walnut cups and purchased Lawton Chambers in Padauk. IMHO, they are the most neutral of the Fostex variants. I am using my Ampsandsound Kenzie, out of Metrum Amethyst DAC. What a fantastic headphone that no one realizes, even the stock cable is good, it bests my Kimber Axios on these. I sold the walnut cups and went with the Lawtons in Padauk, Great headphones!
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  10. obsidyen
    Thanks, I'll check that amp. :) 610 is such a good allrounder, and plays great with all genres. The headphone to buy if you don't want multiple headphones. :)
  11. kuutan
    I agree that there should be more love for this awesome pair. There was a similar post in a Facebook group that I belong to stating the same, that they went to demo a pair and they had good impressions of it but didn't understand why people are hating on it.

    Doesn't help that the minute someone google th610 they get an infamous review by Whathifi or whatever (who cares) and get a brutal review. I don't agree at all with what they stated. To each their own I guess.

    610s are like the middle child; usually ignored. In this case, in the family consisting of big bro th900 and lil bro (the more affordable/popular X00).

    I ran it on Fostex hp-v1 and Sony pha-2. I enjoyed it.
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  12. casper3127
    I use them right out to a FiiO X5 III. SE mode with an aftermarket cable DIYed by a good spanish artisan.

    I cannot really think of a better closed can for about 449€. That's the price I've seen in several local dealers during these recent days.
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  13. Taylor Smith
    I think another problem is the price point of $600 without any revisions or fixes to the current TH series design. There are build issues that have plagued some TH-X00's and the same design is carried throughout the line. I never suffered any issues with my 610's when I had them, but I felt they weren't solid at the hing/ yoke. Otherwise they are an underestimated pair of headphones that is overlooked by cheaper offerings of the same practical design.
  14. casper3127
    I fully agree. Massdrop & Fostex have gained some bucks with their successful sales but have done no favours to our TH610s.
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  15. HerrWallen
    Oh, I still very much love my pair, every odd night it's just me and the Fostex'es!
    They suit my rather eclectic taste in music well and is connected to a iFi iDSD Micro Black Label or (as of late) the Fiio X7mk2. I love the authority and sparkle the BL gives them, without becoming too emphatic in either end.
    I only got to listen to the Mojo for a couple of hours (I had at least 50 hours with the iFI at the time) so take my opinion with a pinch of salt: despite being a great dac/amp with many obvious qualities, I missed the .. hmm .. precision (or sense of definition I guess) of the Black Label. I can't exactly put my finger on it, perhaps my brain (or bias) had adjusted to the iFI signature at the time of audition but the iDSD sounds more dynamic and "hi-fi".
    I haven't looked back since and the TH-610's thank me for it every time :wink:
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