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Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by brent75, Apr 21, 2016.
  1. musicfan145
    I’ve started looking for a new DAC to add to the collection, and I realized that I am spoiled by the lossless digital volume control on the DF Red. After the difficulty I’ve had with the Tidal desktop app, I realized how much I enjoy connecting the DFR to my iPhone and being able to control the volume with the buttons on the side of the phone. Is there any other DAC out there that 1) sounds noticeably better than the DFR, 2) allows the output level to be controlled with an iOS device buttons without significant loss of sound quality, and 3) costs less than 500 USD?

    (I tried the Meridian Explorer2, but I didn’t think it sounded better than the DFR.)
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  2. Larryp12
    You may want to add a Jitterbug.I think it improves the SQ of my iPhone 6+/Dragonfly red combo.
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  3. PeteMtl
    Simple and quick answer: no, there aren’t any other available answering your three criterias.
  4. PeteMtl
    You may also use the DFR as a DAC only device and then you may pair it with many better (and more expensive) amps available.
  5. PeteMtl
    That is true, but I find the Jitterbug more usefull when used at the output of a computer than with a phone or iPad.
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  6. Devodonaldson
    Jitterbug makes a notable difference in use with my Android phone. Very noticeable, pleasant happy difference
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  7. Devodonaldson
    Brand new, no. Used Chord Mojo on eBay can be had for less than $500
  8. ninetylol
    When using the DFR as a DAC only i have to set the volume to 100%? Ive read some things about the DFR distorting above 85% because of a technical missconception. Also wouldnt that max out the amp part of the DFR since you are using max volume? Also if the 100% part is right, i should set Tidal Force Volume setting right?

    My Fiio A5 is arriving today and since i heard its a wonderful pairing with the DFR i have high hopes :)
  9. Devodonaldson
    DFR volume is Digital so channel imbalance doesn't occur. First set DFR volume at full, but if that doesn't allow enough room for volume control on connected amp, you can lower DFR volume. 70% and above being fed into an amp, you won't find much if any difference in SQ
  10. PeteMtl
    The following text has been taken from the DFR’s website (Audioquest) and says it all:
    « You can also use DragonFly as a traditional fixed-output source component (such as a CD player, DVD player, or Blu-ray player), connected to a standard input on a receiver or preamplifier. When used in this manner, DragonFly functions in fixed output mode, which allows the overall volume level to be adjusted with the audio/video system’s master volume control. For this application, both the music player’s volume control and the computer’s main (operating system) volume level should be set to maximum ».
  11. niknik
    Great info. This was what I was looking for and skimmed many pages of this thread..

    Is it possible to use the Dragonfly with a PCI soundcard getting output from both simultaneously?
  12. Jhericurls
    I noticed the quality is best if software volume is maxed out. I can notice a different when I knock it down 1 step from max.

    My set up:
    - Set software volume to 0
    - Set your desired HW volume in UAPP and exit
    - Turn SW volume to max

    Now any app that you use should play at the desired max HW volume that you set when you max out the SW volume.
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  13. phiemon
    Do you use in UAPP the option "bit-perfect"? The problem here is that I cannot change the volume over the buttons which is very annoying.
  14. Jhericurls
    Yes, and within settings of UAPP there is a volume controls options. I've set it to "Hardware volume control"
  15. phiemon
    I know and this is annoying because I always have to open the app to change the volume.

    Can I have a bit-perfect playback with others app such as Onkyo HF or Neutron Music Player? How is the audio quality between these three apps?

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