dragonfly red
  1. N

    Best Dragonfly Red Alternative

    Hi, I'm new in audio and looking for a good DAC dongle. Budget up to $ 200. At first I thought to take dragonfly red, but it seems that for this price I can buy something better, or the same, but cheaper. I liked THX onyx, but people say that it's too expensive, although judging by the reviews...
  2. hifi400

    Is the dragonfly red DAC superior to the jds labs atom DAC ?

    Hi, today I receive my jds labs atom DAC + AMP and after a lot of back and forth between the jds labs atom stack and my dragonfly red with audirvana (tidal) I found that the dragonfly red is the clear winner. The soundstage of the dragonfly red is way better and the amount of detail too...
  3. P

    Portable upgrade from dragonfly red

    Hello, I'm want to uprage my current setup , I'm listening from my laptop through dragonfly red and my headphones are Audioquest nightowl carbon. I've found some interesting products - now I'm leaning towards Earmen Sparrow .It's even smaller than DFR but has the balanced output and according...
  4. Alexrozzy

    Dragonfly Red Vs. Dragonfly Cobalt Vs. Creative G6

    Hi everyone! I'm new in this forum and this is my first thread. I'm looking for advice. Currently my set-up consist in a Sennheiser HD599 paired with a Creative Sound Blaster G6, playing Hi-Res audio through Audirvana+ via DirectMode, and I found this combination great. I'm thinking to upgrade...
  5. PocketClouds

    Denon AH-D7200 + Topping DX7 Pro?

    Hi, I've been received my AH-D7200 yesterday, the cable have 6.35 mm so I can't pair it with the Dragonfly Red. I tried a cheap adapter on Amazon but I hear just the left channel with it... So I considering to upgrade everything and buy a desktop dac/amp with balanced outs, for the reasons I...
  6. pufftissue

    Stop me from buying a dragonfly red

    Hi, this is just another way of asking, what is the short list of alternatives to the dragonfly red in terms of sound quality (can’t be more expensive than the red). I have heard the red and it’s good enough for me but I want to make sure there isn’t something else that is considerably better...
  7. N

    Shure SE846 with Dragonfly red. do i really need ifi earbuddy?

    hi everyone, i am about to get a dragonfly red this xmas. choosing this dac because of its portability. i just came across a video where a user suggested to use ifi ear buddy to maximize audio quality(bits). because phone volume control reduces audio quality if its not turned up to 100%. so i am...
  8. MonkeyDance

    Is a DAC Require with a 5k iMac as Source?

    I am trying to decide if I would benefit from investing in a decent DAC. I have a 5K iMac as a source. I recently purchased HD650s and a Rupert Neve RNHP amplifier. I also have an old Audio Quest Dragon Fly Red that I was using with a different computer with Audience speakers. I am having...
  9. tomaszffffff

    SRH840 and Dragonfly Red or DT150 and NX4 DSD?

    Hi, I'm looking for new portable closed back setup for under 300$. I’ll be using it in 80% for listening and 20% for music production. I said closed back and that would be the best, but sound quality is priority for me, therefore I also consider some open back headphones, which could bring...
  10. W

    Question: can dragonfly red connect to amplifiers

    First of all, thanks for coming in to help. I read that audioquest's dragonfly red is a dac+amplifier. So does that mean I have to connect headphones to it but not amplifiers? Trying to find an easy solution for pchifi. I would mostly appreciate it if anyone has an answer for the dragonfly...
  11. G

    Headphones and DAC for iOS and pc

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. I am Piero from Switzerland. I have a really limited knowledge and i ask your help before buying headphones and DAC. First of all, I explain to you my situation: - I would use them at home, so I do not need isolation, for listening, playing and...
  12. alginonuk

    Recommendation between Sony SRS-X99 & Audio Pro Addon C5 with Audioquest Dragonfly Red

    Hi I have researched two options for Hi-Res Audio for my computer, it is used for Hi-Res Music, Spotify streaming, Podcasts, watching films and sound for my TV (PC is used in living room and connected to TV). These two options fit my budget and ease of purchase. I am interested in hearing other...
  13. Basshead Paul

    Pairing Dragonfly Red with dedicated amp. Has anyone tried this? Impressions?

    Alright, so if I use the Dragonfly Red for its DAC and feed it to a dedicated headphone amp to get enough power for hard-to-drive headphones, is that going to cause problems with double amping. I know Audioquest claims the DFR has a line-out mode if you crank the volume to 100%, but I don't see...
  14. Basshead Paul

    How do I figure out, mathematically, if an amp will fully power specific headphones?

    I apologize for the newbie question, but I'm having trouble finding a simple, straightforward answer to this. What information do I need? And what do I do with that information? I want to make sure the desktop amp I buy will *fully* power my headphones. I don't want it to just be "good enough"...
  15. Basshead Paul

    What's the best amp to pair with a bright DAC and Sennheiser hd650 headphones?

    I'm looking for an amp that will even out the brightness of my Dragonfly Red, for use with Sennheiser hd 650's. I like the sound of Fiio amps, with their smooth sound. I'm looking to spend around $250. Thanks!
  16. Basshead Paul

    Master Tidal on PC to Dragonfly Red to TX-SR373 Onkyo reciever to AKG K7xx. Would a headphone amp be better than the receiver?

    Would there be any improvement in sound if I replace the TX-SR373 Onkyo receiver with a desktop headphone amp? Power specs for the Onkyo TX-SR373 receiver: All Channels: 155 W/Ch (6 Ohms, 1 kHz, 10% THD, 1 Channel Driven) 80 W/Ch (8 Ohms, 20 Hz–20 kHz, 0.08% THD, 2 Channels Driven, FTC)...
  17. new to HiFi

    MQA Desktop & AMP combo?

    Hi! Are there any desktop amplifiers with MQA-support small enough to fit on a desk with limited space? With a max budget off a 1000$. Its gonna be connected to a Macbookpro late 2016.
  18. jackgu1988

    Dragonfly Red vs Fiio X5ii

    I have an Fiio X5ii and considering to get a Dragonfly Red as well. The reason is that I want to avoid having the X5 connected to my laptop all the time, as I am afraid that this will destroy its battery since it will be constantly charging. For the same reason I want to avoid any battery...
  19. New2hifi

    Need help deciding. Dragonfly Red Vs Fiio x5 3rd Gen for SE846

    Hello, First or second time posting. My current set up is iphone 6s & google pixel with dragonfly red, Shure Se846 switched out with the ATH- LS400 or ibasso IT03. I am wondering if getting Fiio x5 3rd gen is upgrade to the dragonfly red/ phone combo. I only use Hifi Masters Tidal...
  20. brent75

    New Dragonfly Black and Red Discussion

    Darko says the new devices trump many of the popular DAPs out there now in sound quality (not to mention battery life and more).   Some quotes "Compared to the Sony NW-ZX2 and Astell&Kern AK120 II, the blood-Red DragonFly’s allegedly superior DAC, volume control and headphone amplifier prove...