dragonfly black
  1. N

    Dragonfly Black + Sennheiser HD25 AND external amp??

    Hey, on my everyday ride, I like to hear music with: Sennheiser HD25 -> Dragonfly Black -> USB-C-Adapter -> Android. Recently, I tried out an external record-player-amp additionally and was surprised of the increased bass volume - it also was so diverse, clear; I felt, a third of the music was...
  2. ammthe

    Upgrade for Spotify on Laptop + Dragonfly Black + Audioquest Nightowl?

    I'm currently listening to all my music on Spotify. If I upgrade to a $350 dac/amp like massdrop liquid carbon or $500 dac/amp like chord mojo, will it make a big difference if I only listen to music on Spotify? I'm from Myanmar where there are no audio stores where I can go try things out. I...
  3. ammthe

    $400 Sidegrading from Audioquest Nightowl

    Please recommend me under $400 headphones that sound different from Audioquest Nightowl that I can enjoy with the type of music I listen to. Thank you! I'm looking at: HD 600 HD 650 HD 6xx HD 58x HE 4xx AKG K712 I got into this hobby with a demo model Audioquest Nightowl, O2 amp and...
  4. MeZoX

    Audioengine D1 Vs Dragonfly black (DAC only) ESS 9010 Vs. AK4396

    I am only interested for using both of them as an alternative to my PC's built in soundcard and use them as a source for an amped stereo bookshelf monitors , and avoid the hastle of dedicated PCI-E soundcards drivers and noise from internal pc electronics All the reviews I've seen for the...
  5. Mrgrinch

    Can i use Dragonfly black as an amp for turntable?

    So I have a question. Is it possible to use Dragonfly black as an amplifier for a turntable if the turntable has a phono preamp inside? I was thinking something like using RCA to female USB cable - dragonfly - headphones. Or would it be possible to use USB turntable and stick the dragonfly into...
  6. new to HiFi

    MQA Desktop & AMP combo?

    Hi! Are there any desktop amplifiers with MQA-support small enough to fit on a desk with limited space? With a max budget off a 1000$. Its gonna be connected to a Macbookpro late 2016.
  7. J

    Earphones too loud with Amp(s)

    Hi, Finally joined awesome group today after reading the threads for a long time. Well, for about three months. I love playing with electronics and recently I put together raspberry pi running volumio2 and schiit fulla2. I have Audio Technica CKR9 connected with it. Now if the volume is mute...
  8. brent75

    New Dragonfly Black and Red Discussion

    Darko says the new devices trump many of the popular DAPs out there now in sound quality (not to mention battery life and more).   Some quotes "Compared to the Sony NW-ZX2 and Astell&Kern AK120 II, the blood-Red DragonFly’s allegedly superior DAC, volume control and headphone amplifier prove...
  9. twister6

    Review of Audioquest JitterBug - USB Data & Power Noise Filter.

    This is a review of Audioquest JitterBug - USB Data & Power Noise Filter.  http://www.audioquest.com/jitterbug/jitterbug .  Big Thanks to Audioquest for providing me with a review sample.   Some of you are familiar with Audioquest as a company behind a popular DragonFly usb DAC, while others...