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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. Gorillaz
    has anyone bought the Satge Diver SD3 from this website http://www.otojoyiem.com/ ?
    I know Alo Audio sells them but I would like to try a different route!
  2. skalkman

    They do fit, however the angle of the plugs may be too sharp for the cable to clear your ears.
  3. vrapan
    Thanks, is the angle pointing backwards am assuming? There is plenty of space there i think! I am just a bit worried from all the stories about cable oxidisation. 
  4. skalkman
    I'll try to show you what i mean.
    The objects shown are the plugs used by Cosmic Ears scaled to size.
    The RED object is where the plug will go if you use those kind of plugs with the SD-2:s. The GREEN object is placed at a more optimal position for an angled plug, which is a more common with CIEM:s.
  5. vrapan
    Thanks for taking the time! I get it now, somehow stupidly enough I couldn't visualise it. Thanks again, will have to keep hunting for some straight cables otherwise it is inears own if mine start getting green :)
  6. skalkman
    FiiO does make a replacement cable with slightly kinked plugs for IEM:s using the normal 2pin style in a recessed socket (i.e Westone plugs). Looks like something that might just work with the SD:s.
  7. vrapan
    Thanks stumbled upon those cables as well :) They look pretty decent and I have found a UK dealer that sells them. Worth a go I guess.
  8. skalkman
    I would still recommend a cable using straight plugs. You could try the Heir Audio Magnus 1 if your wallet allows for the bump in price. 
    Or you could try any cable with straight connectors from here:
    (yes, it does say Westone 4R. They use the same kind of connectors so you'll be fine.)
  9. nazrin313
    If your looking for cables, check out headphonelounge.com and talk to Ted, he makes custom cables to your liking. He is well regarded here in head fi and prices are the best imho
  10. skalkman
    This is how use my SD-2:s now a days. Very sweet and addictive sonic signature.
    And yes, the cable is starting to turn greenish over the majority of its length.
  11. davidcotton

    Edit never post before your second coffee of the day :)
  12. omastic
    I have been using the SD2 for about a week now and loving every moment with it. These are the best iem I have owned so far without a question. 
  13. vrapan
    I was trying to skip importing from the states but some of those cables look fantastic :) Maybe a small birthday gift from Ted's ? :D 
    Skalkman how long have you had them for? Are you planning on changing your cable soon? And excuse the ignorance but what's the player? 
  14. davidcotton

    Looks like the fiio x3 to me.
  15. vrapan
    Thanks, I am seriously considering an X5 as the SQ from my iP5 leaves a heck of a lot to be desired. It is day and night between it and my MBA and Retina Mini!
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