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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. nazrin313
    Yeah, moon audio does have a good reputation with their cables. But Im just wondering are these silver cables bring to the table in terms of sonic performance to out beloved SDs..I would like to purchase one but of cos for the right price (none of that 500++ stuff)
  2. Rumpelstiltskin
    x 2 (even though I mentioned them[​IMG]). What's great about the SD3's is their price performance ratio.
    So, agreed, La-La Land is out for me too-after a flirtation with the idea.
  3. nazrin313
    I might purchase one once the stock cable turns green ala HULK because eventually it will...
  4. tm.chen
    then you will have to wait a while. mine has only started to turn green near the memory wires after about 7mths.
  5. nazrin313
    Well, thats a relief...lol...I even had to do some preventative maintenance and put silica gel in the carrying case. Lol, thats how paranoid I am
  6. nazrin313
    Hi guys, talking about silver cables, I just ordered cables and ICs from Ted Allen :http://headphonelounge.com/silver-iem-cables/
    Heard the he makes quality custom cables and the price is great too (paid less then USD$190 for pure silver iem cables and pure silver IC - shipped)
    Will give impressions once I get it - the SD3 will look snazzy now...if the SQ increases...BONUS
  7. Rumpelstiltskin
    Yeh, that's more like it - please let us know how you get on. Ted has a great reputation and I've talked to him in the past about some interconnects. Very knowledgeable and very helpful.
    Anyone tried Stefan AudioArt's IEM cable?
  9. nazrin313

    Yeah what a guy, we had a great email conservation and he replied like every 2 mins.. Wonderful service if u ask me.. He told earlier my IC was done.. Gonna post some pics b4 he ships it..
  10. nazrin313
    was looking thru their products for my HD600 but stopped when I saw the prices..lol however, heard many great things about their product thou
  11. NIVEBL
    I am interested on their IEM's cable..about the prices seems close to Whiplash
  12. nazrin313

    Go for it bro, least we can compare cables performance with the mighty sd3. i will just stick to ted's custom cable.. Lol, maybe in the more distant future i will go for whiplash and the likes
  13. nazrin313
    My cables in process:


    My sd3 is super excited lol
  14. skalkman
    Today is the one month marriage anniversary of my ears and the SD-2:s.
    Before i go any further i feel the need to explain myself a bit.
    First of all: I am a "detail nut" of the 8th degree (with the 10th being the highest). I will analyze stuff to the end of the world and if i find something that i don't like then it will plague me to end of my existence.
    Second of all: I'm highly opinionated. If I feel the need to express my opinion i will most likely do so with a dragons ferocity,
    Third of all: I have very limited experience with Head-Fi related gear, especially IEM:s. Take my posts with a slight grain of salt.
    Third (and a half) of all: I can analyze sound and I'm a musician of many trades so i feel that i can justify most of my claims regarding sonics.
    After the disappointment that was the Westone 4R:s i found these while browsing thomann.de for some strap-locks for my guitar. I'm very happy that i did (my wallet isn't).
    After reading InEars description of the SD-3:s more bass oriented signature I jumped the gun and ordered a pair of SD-2:s.
    I'm currently using them with my FiiO X3 + E12 combo. The E12 definitely gives the SD-2:s some weight in the lows over using them straight out of the X3 (which is my daily-commute setup as the X3 and SD-2:s both fit in the Pelican 1010 case that is included with the InEars). The E12 also helps with the imaging and sound-stage a bit, but it mostly gives a more smooth and weighty sound that can give you a bit of a rumble if pushed right but can also make you enjoy your favorite recordings with some class and finesse. The one thing that i feel is really unique with the SD-2:s is their percussive nature; you feel thing along side hearing them, you feel drum hits, you feel string strums, you feel a saxophones raspiness.
    For those of you that are concerned about how the SD:s fit in your ears, I'll tell you this: if you don't put them in just right they will be rather painful, the first 4 hours or so were pretty bad. Now a days i can pop them in with no problems what so ever, it may be because I have learned how to put them in properly or that they have altered the shape of my ear (probably a bit of both).
    So now for some summarizing questions:
    Should you try them?: Yes, I think you should but give them a month or so before you decide their relevance for you.
    Would you recommend them for gigging musicians?: Yes, I would. If they fit you as well a they do me then you'll enjoy them both on stage and on the road.
    Are they the perfect IEM?: No, they are not. They are pretty close though, close enough for me to say that most people will be just fine with them and a good listening setup.
    Are your happy with your purchase?: Yes, I am. I feel that the performance and build of these IEM:s alone justify their price. A nice case is a pure bonus.
    Feel free to ask me questions about anything regarding the SD-2:s and the generality of my post.
  15. nazrin313
    Nice impressions skalkman
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