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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. Rumpelstiltskin
    Thanks skalkman. It's great to have a musicians view. I'm not a musician, but it was the quality of the drums that really struck me first of all with my SD3's.
  2. Migou67
    @skalkman Nice impressions thanks, I agree you can feel the drums, a great soundstage and also a good fit for me, I really use a lot the SD3, too much [​IMG] 
  3. vrapan
    I got mine yesterday changing them from a pair of RE400 that broke twice. I only have one word for the sound from them : addictive. Detailed enough without being grinding, bass is plentifull and tight and there is a sweetness to the sound that make me wanting to go through my whole collection just with the SD2. Fantastic earphone. I do have two questions though:

    1. The pelican case is massive, does anyone know of a high quality but smaller ( more portable ) case ?

    2. Considering an X5 as I am not big fan of my iPhone's sound. Do you think it will be a good pairing?
  4. zerogorgor
    Have bought the SD-3 somtime ago, but failed to like it. The presentation lives up to its name: it's really a "stage" diver. Bass has a strong presence, highs are smoothened to a degree that I cannot find it neutral. Mids are upfront and frankly I'm not a mid-centric guy. 
    One very good thing about the SD-3s was its fit- its nearly perfect.
    After reading this post further, realised that perhaps the SD-2 would be better for me. 
  5. nazrin313

    You are not wrong there when describing the sd3, to me it is not neutral.. But i would say its a natural sounding iem. Great bass, great mids and good extension of the treble albeit rolled off as i couldnt hear anything past 15khz... Maybe my ears lol?
  6. skalkman
    Westone has their Monitor Vault i think it's about $20 on Amazon, it's rather tiny when compared to the Pelican 1010 and it's very pocket-friendly.
    Haven't tried the X5 as of writing this post, though I'm on the list for FiiO:s "X5 world tour" and will probably be getting my sample around the international release of the X5, which should be somewhere around the middle of march.
  7. vrapan

    Thanks ! I did look for cases on amazon but nothing worthwhile came up. Might get the X5 anyway and tgive it a try.
  8. nazrin313
    A lil derailment, just an update of my silver cables from Ted..


    Now my sd3 will look snazzy.. Lol.. Any sonic improvements will be reported..
  9. Rumpelstiltskin
    Please let us know how Teds cable performs.
  10. nazrin313
    Will do R.skin.. Ted will ship it soon.. So i may get it in about 2 weeks+
  11. skalkman
    Here are the two cases together. If you squeeze it a bit you can actually fit the Westone vault inside the 1010.
  12. vrapan
    I bought one and it's here today. Fits em like a glove and it is tiny! :) perfect suggestion thanks a ton!
  13. shadowsoul
    Hi all, 
    I am very interested in a pair of SD2 or 3s, but hope someone will be kind enough to answer this as I often have trouble finding something that fits:
    What are the diameters of the flanges included?
    Thankful for answers!
  14. skalkman
    What does it matter? It's almost impossible to determine the fit of some silicone buds by the uncompressed diameter of them. The UE900:s buds do fit the SD-1/2/3 so try there if you are worried about that stuff.
    shadowsoul likes this.
  15. vrapan
    Hi guys, anyone know if the Cosmic Ears cables will fit the SD2? I would like to buy a pair to keep as a spare just in case (I got a tendency on breaking earphone cables) but I would like to make sure that the plugs are the same. Thanks
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