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NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

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  1. mashuto
    I think just saying they are the same size and material doesnt necessarily 100% mean they are exactly the same. There could be thickness differences or as I have read from some of the dunu posts, there could be differences in the actual physical structure of the material. So I think its possible that it might not be the same exact driver, even if it is the same size with the same material. It still could be, just hard to tell from our perspective here. So it could be that, could just be that the stainless steel and shape of the atlas really brings out that bass, whereas the material used in the equinox and the internal shape may just balance that driver out a bit, who knows.

    I actually really love the z1r, but theres just this quality the andromeda (and to a lesser extent my old polaris) have that I really like, even though its maybe not quite as clean. And I do really enjoy the gold, and surprisingly to me they are actually one of the most comfortable pairs of IEMs I have ever worn. Just wish there was more rumble in the subbass. Bass was actually quite a bit more subdued than I thought with them, especially considering they have 4 bass drivers per ear. Seems to peak more towards midbass, and that subbass rumble I like just isnt really represented the way I would hope. May just be more of a ba vs dd thing though.

    I have definitely been tempted by the solaris and hope to try it out someday, but other than the fit, the z1r really ticks all my boxes. Its not perfect but definitely plays to my preferences. Though I am friendly with another user on the board here who is local and definitely ordered a pair of the special edition solaris, so I may get to hear them at some point relatively soon. Though I cant really say I would be looking to shell out even more money at this point.
  2. tlcocks
    Totally agree. You like em new, you’ll love em to death a year later. Whereas I could find faults early due to heavy and broad bass signature, the mids and treble shine equally now. Beautiful hi fi for iems!
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  3. AudioBomb
    I got mines (Atlas) with 1 year of use. Hope to be surprised when they arrive next week :)
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  4. Rockwell75
    Campfire's website currently lists Atlas for $400 off the normal price...and both of their Canadian distributors seem to have stopped carrying it...I wonder if this is a sign an update or new model is in the works.
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  5. Skullar
    A 13 mm DD and over-ear only design with 4.4mm balanced cable out of box?:dt880smile:
  6. marcus2704
    I have no idea how so many of you can use silicone tips with the Atlas, without it being ruined by driver flex issues. I have tried so many, but have conceded and ended up going with foams.
  7. kingdixon
    It takes some time to adapt to, just try a size smaller than your fit as advised and keep using it for a couple of days.

    when i first got it, sometimes i kept reinserting it for over 20 times and yet there was driver flex, so i found it easier to go with foams. but after praise i heard with spiral dots i just kept using it everyday with a bit of hassle at first and re-adjusting. but now it works for me from first time or second at max.
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  8. Skullar
    Am i the only one in here excited about the bass on my arrivimg Atlas? Is it really excessive? I mean i am using 14mm DD IMR R1 Zenith Bass canons and as long as i use spiral dots it does wonders. Seperates that bass without bleeding into midrange. And all higher fr seems to be wide open airy and unaffected. While keeping all the low end juice and impact.

    I dont see how see how 10mm DD can overdo bass worse than R1-Z. Apart from maybe the fact that i use Zeniths with fully open ports.
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  9. Tristy
    I don’t think the bass is excessive at all on the atlas. Give it some seasoning time and it sounds very balanced to my ears. At first it can seem a bit overwhelming but the sound changes dramatically after about 100 hours
  10. Skullar
    Well i do hope they are not balanced lol. 1 of main selling point was their bass. I want good sub bass extension, good control and quantity.
    What i dont want is mid bass dominant lower end which makes it sound like rain-pipe. Or mid-bleeding muddy bass.

    Of course i doubt this is likely at this price range and all the praise that comes with Atlas.

    What i am concerned about is that my Rah with 15mm will outperform it in lower end. And who knows maybe evwn in higher FR with its dedicated planar drive.

    Hopefully they can compliment each other. And i keep both. Until IMR will start producing my possible end game - R3 Semper;

    • Quad hybrid array
    • The hybrid array consists of 15mm Aten hybrid ceramic driver + dual electrostatic driver + Planar magnetic
    • Frequency response: 7- 70000Hz
    • Ship date November 2020
    • Pre order launch September 2020
    • Price £1100.00 + Shipping
    • Pre order deposit £300.00 with the balance payable month prior to shipping
    • Limited to 150 units and won’t be made again.
  11. Tristy
    I think you misinterpreted the “balanced” wording in my comment. Balanced as in it doesn’t overwhelm the treble and the mids are still present. But I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. The atlas is extremely addictive.
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  12. Skullar
    My Atlas is in UK now but i dont think i will be getting earlier then Monday.... Bugger..
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  13. nephilim32
    I am wondering that myself, since I’ve been waiting for 3 weeks ever since I’ve decided on wanting the Atlas. I live in Canada and I think I’m up for quite a wait.

    well congrats at least on securing an order. :)
    It is more than I can say. Lol.
    Bit of a wait from Headphones.com for me to get them cause I have “trade in” value with my current IO’s.
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  14. Skullar
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  15. Luisonic
    Not getting them again, but I'll get a nice new cable for them!
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