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New Beyerdynamic T5p 2nd generation

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rhizomatik, Dec 15, 2015.
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  1. ph58

    Patience , my friend , you won't regret it !
  2. deafanddumb
    I tried the T5p on loan and with the exception of classical and acoustic guitar....I didn't like it. No bass = no atmosphere or tapping feet! I was quite impressed with AK T5p though...as bass returned. Big question is.....how does 2nd generation compare to AK version? Please! :)
  3. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Good question...I really preferred the AK T5p over the original...I do have a T5p Gen 2 incoming now for a review (loaner pair)...so we'll see! Should have them mid this upcoming week.
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  4. deafanddumb
    I wait with bated breath for this one....your opinion could influence many purchases :wink:
  5. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Lol, I doubt that. But I will report back with my initial findings...hoping that they continue in the strong tradition that was the AK T5p!
  6. xanlamin
    I'm hoping this will be a better DT1770 pro.
  7. Peridot
    I liked them too. I actually preferred them to the Ether Cs that I had such high hopes for.
    However, I liked the T1 even more and even though I was in the market for closed cans, I've bought the T1s.
    I reckon that once the price of the T5p drops a little I can have both for the same cost as the Ethers.
  8. HiFiGuy528
    Guys, this is my new favorite closed-back. Sounds amazing... 10x better than original T5p. $1099 is too cheap!
    I need to get the balanced cable...
    email info@wooaudio.com to order. Free headphones stand and FREE shipping within CONUS.
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  9. plakat
    Received my pair today, unfortunately with one week delay so I can't say much at the moment. Some initial thoughts though after using it with my new A20, my Benchmark DAC2DX and my AK320... First I really miss the old "Enjoy" on the tabs of the packaging of the new models.
    Second: the T5p is much warmer than I remember the old model, has definitely more bass (quite satisfyingly so), a bit tamed treble. My impression after about 2h listening is very good, non-fatiguing but still detailed. Fits the AK320 perfectly (and does not need the amp module). I loved the old leather pads, but the new ones are actually more comfortable and stick less to the skin. Comfort is very good overall, less clamping force than the DT1770 (which I'll have to compare it to in the next few days).
    The cups are still nice as ever, the headband mechanism feels better now (on par with the new T1.2 but a bit less clicky than on the DT1770), the cable is really nice and has a good length for mobile use. Case is the same as is included with the T1.2, so still a bit on the large side, but much smaller than the old aluminium box.
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  10. Wurstteppich
    Nice! Looking forward to your comparison with the DT1770!

    Or maybe I will just compare it myself on the meet at the end of the month :)

    So you continue comparing the models and let me know, I will compare some Scotch to bring with to the meet and then we are all happy. That should work ok, right? :)

    If I remember correcty I think you mentioned that you got hands on the PM-3 as well, maybe a comparison with that one would be interesting as well.
  11. Father Schu
    Definitely would like to know how these sound vs the AK T5P.  Thanks all for the impressions so far!
  12. plakat

    Time is running out on the PM-3, I promised to return them by tomorrow. But if guess they'll be available at the meet as well. I'll definitely bring the T5p and the DT1770 of course, so you can compare while I'll take care of your whisky :wink:

    There'll be an AKT5p at said meet (which is on Feb. 27th) as well, so I guess there'll also be impressions posted afterwards.
  13. Wurstteppich

    Yeah...sure...we will see about that :wink:

    I have the PM-3. Was just interested how it compares to the new T5Pv2 just in case I get into the mood to pull the trigger on it :) It would be interesting to see where it fits in between the DT1770, PM-3 and TH900. I really like the Beyer headphones, however the old T5P was an exception. The DT1770 was much better. I even liked the old 770 more. Therefore I am eager to find out what the new one sounds like.

    I'll bring the PM-1, PM-3 and HA-2 as they are easy to transport in their transport cases.
  14. plakat

    I did a short comparison with the PM-3 today before returning it to my friend. The PM-3 sounds much too dark for my taste, to the effect of making details much harder to hear and being rather closed in. Its bass presentation reaches deep and is rather clear, but lacks punch. The T5p hits much harder -- didn't think I'd write that ever :wink: So while personally I could live with a touch more sparkle on the T5p, its still spacious and airy overall, especially compared to the PM-3. And it does have quite strong bass that reaches deep down and is still clear, having a good punch without too much upper bass. Lovely so far. And it really looks and feels premium, the very nice cable adding to that feeling. I think the retuning would have justified even a new item number. T6? Oh, thats already taken I guess :wink:
  15. HiFiGuy528
    T5p 2.0 beats nearly every closed-back I own or have used. Only one other hp beats it and it cost nearly double.
    New T5p 2.0 is stupid good for only $1099 retail. Great job beyer! Mine has less than 36 hrs. of play time and it's already sounding better with every use. LOVE this hp!!!
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