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New Audio-gd R7 (R2R 7) & R8 Flagship Resistor Ladder DACs

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Currawong, Jun 30, 2017.
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  1. Jackula
    Fred, in your experience, how many hours does the R7HE need to fully burn in? My local Denafrips distributor (who is also a good friend) wants to bring his fully upgraded Terminator and have a head-to-head against the R7HE at my house. But I want to make sure it's fully burned in before I have him come over.
  2. FredA
    Not sure as many things were burning in my setup, including a silver cable that needed 350 hours and the he9. To be safe give it at least 500 hours. The best would be to give it 700h, meaning 1000h total including the hours done at the factory. But really, i am basing my recommendation on the old r7. Not sure with the new da7 boards. Bass usually takes 1000 hours to be as firm as can be because of the output stage. My r7he has over 1000 hours and is fully burned-in.

    Let us know about the outcome. I would be surprised if the r7he was beaten.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2019
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  3. FredA
    By the way, if you can use a bitching good acss cable between the dac and pre, it would most certainly give an additional edge to the r7he.
  4. Jackula
    For sure. I'll be uploading pictures when we do the comparison.
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  5. PLGA
    Hey Jackula
    Another one here very interested on the results of the comparison!
    Let us know how it goes!
  6. Turdski
    @FredA, thank-you very much for sharing those detailed and helpful impressions of your setup!

    I’m 100% set on the Master-2H and R7HE. The only aspect I’m undecided on is whether to get the HE-9 or HE-1 for preamp duties. I recall you mentioning that Kingwa had said the HE-1 would be more neutral. For a slight increase in cost, the HE-9 seems like an obvious choice for its presumably amazing headphone driving capabilities. (I miss the second-hand Master 9 I used to have.) But my main concern is to have the absolute, absolute best preamp capabilities. I could add a standalone headphone amp later, but wouldn’t be able to utilize ACSS throughout in that scenario.

    Mind you, your description tells me I would likely not regret going the HE-9 route.
  7. FredA
    I don't think so. As Kingwa mentions, the He-9 is a great pre, with just a little less resolution and a richer midrange than the He1. One could even prefer it to the he1. The he-9 also has great PRaT. Sound quality greatly benefits from the regen. psu. Better depth, layering, smoothness, resolution. The sound of this combo is accurate and organic, and does not invent macrodynamics when absent from the recording.

    Kingwa is a true audiophile and it shows.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
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  8. Toni-Mang
    @Turdski it should be a question of taste, but i had the same challange and Mr. Kingwa mentioned:"If you looking for a most neutral and precision sound, the HE1 is our best product"...
    It is a question of your system and synergy...and space (second dedicated headphone chassis)...
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  9. Chopin75
    I just got my R7 magnafied version back transformed from r2r7. Now i am using TDA asyn, so I know there is only 1 NOS. When I select OS, i would use “0” and with mode I can only choose mode 0 or 1. I thought I can do mod 2,4,& 8 but I am not able To make this choice. Why is that?
  10. DACLadder
    @Chopin75. Enjoy the R7 and congratulations!

    I would asked Magna about the front display. The front panel may not have the correct firmware for the R7 model. Just a guess. The older panel changed configuration by a socketed PROM. Not sure about these newer displays.
  11. Chopin75
    I am emailing them. I also cannot do DSD512, but it could be the software issue. I am using both audirvanna and euphony. What software should be used for DSD512 ?

    First impression so far, great! Now I have no idea what improvements are due to what changes since I made like 6-7 changes all at once. First the DSD256 noise is almost gone. There is still very slight birdy noise on some tracks but now one really need to strain to hear with ear right next to speaker. Some tracks that had noise are now pretty much silent. This is not a surprise as I think Kingwa made some filter changes in both hard and software and so the noise is simply suppressed but not eliminated entirely. I have had similar findings with the digital filter of HQplayer that has suppressed the noise.
    Overall DSD sound has become even more gorgeous. Goose bumps are experienced more naturally.

    Now I have to say I have also moved into a fully detached house which means other factors are involved, eg. may be less noisy AC source (I was in an apartment) but my room is now in a mess, no carpet, very echoish so in need of room treatment, where as my previous room was fully carpeted and lots of furniture.
    But the pops are also much louder now with DSD, on every track if I change before it ends, and even with pauses, and restarting. I have not noted the pops was that loud previously.

    I will check on the PCM in a moment.
  12. DACLadder
    I just used my PC and JR Media Center 20 (old) for my DSD testing of DSD256 and DSD512. Yes there are some DSD pops still. Have to mind the volume control when transitioning into and out of DSD from PCM or changing DSD speed.

    The V2 DAC boards took a long time to run in for PCM.
  13. marsza11
  14. Chopin75
    Regards Magnafied R7, the PCM mode is sounding rather rough, like when it was brand new, so I am using only OS x8 now as the NOS mode is nasty, (OS X 0 is not any better). I remember for an unburned in R2R7 OSx8 is recommended. earlier on I was having difficulty finding the OS mode. There are not enough buttons to control the mode switch so I have to wait for the the flashing to stop to lock onto OS etc and then the "select" button is directional, meaning I can't go backward or it would jump to the next section. It is weird.
    Much more burning in needed, and also my F1 is brand new, again another 300 hrs!
    How long do the V2 board and new clock take to burn in ?
  15. JaMo
    Accusilicon's took a month. V2's 3-4 months to be stabilized and fully enjoyable.
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