New Audeze LCD3
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($800USD) Selling a Pre-Fazor 2012 23xxxx Audeze LCD-3 in 7/10 condition if anyone interested.
for $800 USD and shipping to anywhere in the world.
Comes with GUNCASE, custom cable, xlr, quarter inch
PM if interested


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Dec 5, 2022 at 3:17 AM Post #11,507 of 11,513
Can anyone explain why my 261 version of LCD-3 has fazors (?) but it still have sound like a pre-fazor version - with darker, warm, intimate, fascinating sound?
I have another 271 version and it sounds more analytically with more highs and without magic tonality as in 261 version. Maybe old softer pads does matter?
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I'm not familiar with these numbers (261, 271) or what they signify. But a few comments:
  • Audeze is infamous for QC issues. These tonal differences you hear could simply be greater-than-expected variations from unit to unit
  • Replacing pads on these headphones is difficult, so much so that few users do it. It's possible they have subtly different earpads. But that would depend more on how old each one is & how much use it got. IMHO, the sonic differences you describe are more likely the result of different drivers than different earpads or even fazor vs none
  • These HPs are infamous for driver failures. Unless you owned both HPs from day-1, it's possible one or both had drivers replaced. It's one of the great unknowns w/Audeze exactly which drivers they replace defective ones with.
  • Finally, I heard fazor technology at length in my friend's newer production LCD-2 several years ago. I also owned a pre-fazor LCD-2.1 (one of the early ones), and found the primary differences between them were not tonality (warmth, romantic sound, etc), but treble. Specifically, the one w/fazors had nice treble that would suddenly, briefly, for no particular reason, sound edgy and bright. I couldn't trace it to a particular genre of music or volume used. Some users call this "treble screwery," and that sounds right to me. I say because the presense of fazors in one LCD-3 doesn't imply it will sound more or less dark, romantic, etc. It mostly implies differences in their treble sound...
  1. Ditch those extremely uncomfortable headbands with one of Audeze's aftermarket carbon fiber headbands. URL below links to the one I used. Replacement is easy and it makes a huge difference in comfort:
  2. And keep the 261, the one that sounds fascinating. An LCD-3 that sounds like that is a beautiful thing. I had a pre-fazor LCD-3 that sounded like that, and I often regret selling it.
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My LCD-3F is lucy in the sky with diamonds. I never heard a non-fazor version though.
Dec 5, 2022 at 1:24 PM Post #11,512 of 11,513
That makes you a lucky fellow...hold onto that thing.
Yeah, that's what I have heard. The only complaint I have is I couldn't get one in bamboo and the wood on this pair doesn't do it for me :frowning2:

It's too hard to sell anything in Europe anyway :D

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