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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by icenine2, Oct 13, 2011.
  1. PHC1
    What is the humidity in your house? Wood tends to shrink with low humidity. I try to keep my room at least 40% relative humidity.
  2. King CATalyst
    I got a pair of lcd3s from moon audio a couple months back and something has been bothering me since I got them, the wood looks different than what most pictures I've seen of them...I'll post mine, I'd like to know if this is how the most recent batches look or if moon audio sent me a "refurb" and called them new. 20171220_141804.jpg 20171220_141905.jpg
  3. gto88
    Per my understanding, every pair looks different because of the wood patterns.
    There is video on youtube that you can see how they cut it from the big chunk.
  4. jerick70
    They do look a bit different than my LCD-3s. The grain on your cans seem very light. Mine are much darker grained.
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  5. Tweakybiff
    gto88 is correct. Audeze uses actual wood, and there will be natural variations. They actually try to match the wood cups, so they look similar on any particular pair. This is actual a feature in my view, and not a problem at all! One thing King CATalyst, I would not recommend the kind of headphone stand you show in the picture. The ear cups have memory foam, so it is best to leave them hanging feely, instead of being constantly squished like you have them shown in your pictures. I know that your headphone stand is very attractive, and I thought about buying it as well, but bought this instead, which is awesome, and nice and sturdy for these heavier headphones:

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  6. King CATalyst
    I was actually wondering if the stand was gonna do that to the pads, so thanks for the advice.
    Still wish my wood was a bit darker whatever the case may be with them..
  7. Tweakybiff
    King CATalyst, if you are SUPER careful, you could stain the wood cups. There is oil that comes with them, but that won't actually stain them, but will make them a tiny bit darker. If you wanted to actually stain them, I would be ultra careful, and even remove the wooden cups before staining them. I am sure that would violate the warranty too. They do look a bit lighter than the ones I have, but personally I think the wood looks great in the pictures you posted! They all also get darker naturally over time. Keep them next to you and do a lot of heavy smoking.
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  8. knopi
    Everyone have own taste, I like LCD line as regards looks a lot but I think chrome grills on LCD4 is step back, maybe it looks more luxory special but not nicer for me.
    What I cant still understand is Audeze headband, yes it is usefull and I could live with it without problem, it is probably matter of time when every LCD will have better nicer headband ala LCD2C but why it takes so long when a lot of people speak about it for years.
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  9. Articnoise
    I have had 3 LCD3 and all have got a bit darker with age.
  10. cans4dessert
    My local dealer managed to deal with the issue quickly and Audeze sent me a new pair of phones as replacement. I did end up measuring the humidity where my setup was in my basement and it ended up being around 5% humidity. Now, i moved it to the part of my basement where i found to be the most humid but still it can be as low as 16% when it's -40C outside... when it's not as cold, then it can reach up to 30%. These figures are with a humidifier built into the central furnace and the humidifier is working fine. I think my basement is just exceptionally dry. Hopefully these ones don't crack.
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  11. baiyy1986
    I always like the look of LCD, and recently I finally got a chance to get one.
    It is a 2016 LCD-3.
    The first look of the headphone, I would say I am very excited to open it. The case, the wood and the quality of the headphone.
    Compare with my hd800 and Th900, LCD3 look much more like a "flagship" even it has some big brothers.
    For the sound, It sits between these two, but don't have that soundstage.
    The issue is the weight, This thing is heavy!
    I have some shoulder issue, 20-minute use is my maximum.
    I can feel the pressure on my neck and my shoulder.
    Try to find a way to solve it.
    Just love the way it looks!
  12. montanari
    Lobs headband
  13. King CATalyst
    the weight bothered me when I first got them too but what worked for me was putting it on an "omega" stand when I'm not using them to loosen the clamp and break in the pads a bit. I find them much more comfortable then my atticus now.
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  14. Zojokkeli
    How would you compare it against TH900s?
  15. manishex
    what amp are you using?

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