New Audeze LCD3

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by icenine2, Oct 13, 2011.
  1. PHC1
    Any suggestions for a good pairing of LCD3F with one of the Woo amps?
  2. jerick70
    The WA5 is a good match. I prefer my First Watt J2 with the Schiit Freya preamp though.
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  3. PHC1
    Guys, any idea what to do about a connector on the cable that refuses to come out on my new LCD3? The button seems to be a bit tighter than on the other connector but does press down. Unfortunately with no luck of pulling the connector out...
  4. jerick70
    I usually wiggle the connector until it comes out.

    If wiggling doesn't work try a small screwdriver like the ones you use on glasses and small electronics. Just be VERY careful so you don't scratch the wood.
  5. PHC1
    Will give it a try thanks. This sucks as this is a very expensive cable that I was auditioning and now it is stuck on there for good..
  6. jerick70
    I've not had any of my cables do that. Another thought is to place some drops of oil between the connector and the socket. Let it work in for 15 - 30 minutes and then try. If you can't get it out, hopefully you like the cable.
  7. seamon
    Curious, what cable is it?
  8. bfreedma
    Have you tried pushing the connector in then pulling the cable out? I know it seems counterintuitive, but has worked for me when a cable was hard to remove.
  9. PHC1
    Wireworld Nano Platinum Eclipse. Exactly what I was looking for sound wise, gorgeous sounding cable and outstanding synergy with LCD3, especially with tubes. I guess it was just my luck the connector spring mechanism was faulty. Either that or the LCD3F liked this cable so much they don't want to part with it. :)
  10. PHC1
    Yes, I've tried everything so far, wiggling slightly, pushing in, pulling hard with no luck. Will have to try lubricating with a few drops of rubbing alcohol next. I think the problem is that the push button is not engaging the release properly. Really don't want to put a screwdriver to it as that will inevitably scratch the connector and/or the barrel on the LCD3
  11. johnzz4
    Same thing happened with my WW Platinum HP cable. Almost returned them because of it. I used something hard and plastic to place A LOT of pressure on the stuck release mechanism, and it let go. Good luck...I don’t love their choice of mini-XLR connectors.
  12. PHC1
    I will have to try that thanks. I'm surprised because they use Furutech mini-XLR and those are very high quality.
  13. gto88
    My aftermarket cable is very tight too, I have to use force to get it out.
    My cable's connector is Eidolic (E-T4PR).
    Hope you can get yours out without issue.
    Good luck.
  14. cans4dessert
    I got a pair of brand new LCD-3 about three weeks ago and I just noticed that both the wooden rings are cracked at the connector and there is one more crack developing a few inches from one of the connectors. These headphones have never been dropped and they have either been on my head (less than 25 hours) or sitting on my soft mousepad the whole time. Has anyone experienced spontaneous cracks likes this in such short term? I will be contacting Audeze first thing in the morning if they are open tomorrow.
  15. PHC1

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