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  1. Articnoise
    LCD-4 is technically a bit better, but hasn’t as rich and creamy midranges as the 2016 LCD-3F and even less than the pre-fazored LCD-3.
  2. Slim1970
    That's good know. I really love the sound of my 2016 LCD-3F's. They are everything I want in a headphone. I just keep asking myself "how much better can the LCD-4's be"? From the reviews I've read about the LCD-4's their midrange is getting mixed reviews when compared to the LCD-3F's. So I'm going to keep enjoying my LCD-3F's until I can bring myself to listen to a LCD-4. Since there are no Audeze dealers in my area the only way I will be able to listen to them is to order them blindly.
  3. gto88
    I have a new LCD-3 from a bundle purchase delivered on past Monday.
    I don't intend to keep it because of my (fund manager) looking over my shoulder
    urge me to sell it.
    The LCD-3 is still in its original box sealed untouched,
    Zebrano wood, lambskin leather, travel case.
    has sn# 2822xxx. (surely the latest model)

    Headphone is in factory sealed box. (new un-opened, untouched)

    Up on sale page:
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  4. sotto123
    I'm planning to get a pre-fazor LCD-3 and pair it with the only amp I have - the V200. I haven't found a lot of positive reports about this combination though. In fact, they mostly seem to be negative. As someone who actually loves darker sounding headphones, such as the pre-fazor LCD-2.2's and the HD650, do you think I'll have any problems? How about getting one of the early fazor models (271 serial)?
  5. Articnoise
    If you love darker sounding headphones the pre-fazor LCD-3 (261) is splendid.
  6. Rico613
    Anyone looking for a great amp for LCD-3 or 4 -- there is an Eddie Current 4 45 amp For Sale Trade.
  7. ngyu
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  8. EarDrumExplode
    Hey all, I've been listening to my lcd-3's threw threw the deckard for about 7 months and I'm thinking of upgrading the lcd's cable with something new. I just recently upgraded my USB cable for the declared to the cardas clear and was thinking of keeping it in the family with with the clear headphone cable. I also recently upgraded my USB cable for my chord mojo with the silver dragon and was thinking of possibly thinking of going that route. As we all know it's not cheap and when I put in the overtime at work to pay for all this I got to try and make sure Im making the right choice. To be honest I don't like to much silver or gold in my connections it sounds to sharp in my ears and like the sound of the more neutral and warm copper cables. The silver dragons are the only silver based cables I like because it doesn't have that sharpness. So if any of you have any recommendations for me I would like to hear!!! Btw I've been reading some of your post on the mojo LCD-3 pairing, it's amazing!!!! I brought my lcd's To this years NYC can jam and heard them threw the mojo and ordered it on my phone at the table
  9. Audiogalore
    I would heavily recommend the WireWorld Eclipse Platinum. I happen to have a 3 meter pair designed and targeted for the "LCD 3" that I would sell for a reasonable price! Let me know if you would be interested.

    Enjoy music Harold
  10. johnzz4
    I use the WW Eclipse Platinum with my LCD4s. I find them to be energetic cables - sharp may be a stretch, but there are definitely less aggressive cables out there. For smooth sounding cables, Danacable Lazuli may be a good fit at a higher price point. For something a bit more cost-effective, Wywires Red is a great cable that I would also categorize as slightly smooth and does everything well.
  11. Drrizzt
    I wonder how does the Lcd-3 compete against new challengers such as Focal Clear in clarity, dynamics, tone, soundstage and speed departments. Would be interesting to compare these two as they're in the same price league.
  12. BunnyNamedCraig
    Clear sounds way faster ( I figured it would be faster but I was amazed at how much when I did A/B), tonally the clear is a lot more neutral, its not sterile neutral but not as warm as LCD3. The bass on the LCD3 bloats into the mids more then the Clears. Vocals are easier to identify on the Clears, little muddier on the LCD 3. instrument separation is more defined on the Clear.

    With all these things said, the LCD3 is more forgiving on very poorly recorded music. It doesn't make it as obvious on the LCD 3. The Clears just have more transparency then the LCD 3 in this regard.

    I highly recommend that you can hear both for your self!

    I just did this comparison for you out of the Questyle 600i, both headphones single ended and using Tidal through USB. USB cord was Nordost Blue Heaven but both headphone cords were stock.
    I listened to a mix of rock, rap and electronic for the A/B. These 2 headphones were a lot easier to hear the differences then a lot of the A/Bing I have done recently.

    I also want it to be known that I am a Audeze house sound fan. I gravitate towards more warmth then neutral when it comes to listening enjoyment. I personally would still pick the Clears over them do to technical performance plus engagement...

    Happy listening and hoped this helped
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  13. gto88
    @MTMECraig , thanks for the impression, I have audited Focal Elear, and was not very impressed.
    I have LCD-3 and like it a lot, hopefully, some days I have the chance to check Clear.
  14. BunnyNamedCraig
    you dig the mids more on the LCD3 more I am guessing?

    Even though the Elear is warm like the LCD3, it almost makes you pay attention to it compared to the LCD3. That can turn people off if they are mainly looking for a can to chill with. the LCD3 is still engaging, just less in your face about it.
  15. jerick70
    Hey everyone. New LCD-3 owner here. I found an excellent price on a pair that was manufactured in 2015 and picked them up. Do you think the driver upgrade is worth the cost? I'm driving them with a Woo WA5. The pairing is very nice and I'm enjoying them quite a bit. What sound signature changes does the new driver bring?

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