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New Audeze LCD3

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by icenine2, Oct 13, 2011.
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  1. SteveM324

    I agree with Musicman59 that the SR009/727II is very enjoyable combiation and I have no doubt that the tubed Stax is as good or better. After listening to some Patrcia Barber cuts off her Nightclub CD at Musicman59's place, I listened to the same tracks with my RSA A-10. The A-10 offers a larger soundstage and a greater sense of Patricia being right in front of me in my living room than the 727II. The A-10's transparency is IMO a clear and significant step up from the 727II. After hearing the 727II, I would like to hear the SR009/007tii combination because I have a preference for tubes.
  2. sphinxvc
    Link?  ie. where did you hear about this?
  3. They have a couple "secret" projects up their sleeves, but a DAC with less features is way down the road - they have three new products set to debut in the near future though.
  4. TigzStudio
    Cool stuff, that is some high praise for the Lynx.  Have read about it on a few different forums (computeraudiophile, gearslutz, etc), most comment on its neutrality. 
    I will have a Hilo to try out in about three weeks at my buddy's studio (hopefully along side the BAD alpha dac). 
    What amp were you using? Or were you purely comparing headouts on the units?  If so Zoidac is disadvantaged here with LCD-2.
    Did you have any issues using the touchscreen on the Hilo?  Have heard a few say it can be a bit finicky.   
    Look forward to some of your thoughts with the LCD-3 / Lynx....will PM you to ask more questions if you do not mind :)  (as to not derail this thread too much). 
  5. googleli
    I seldom if ever use the Zodiac Gold's headphone out... It is meant to be used as a DAC with headphone out, not a headphone amp with DAC...
  6. CanDude
    I used my trusty Harmony Design Ear 909 amp (of course) connected via short balanced Wireworld cables. Then balanced Red Astrachan cable to LCD-2. I also used my Event Opal monitors via Vovox cables (and Neutrik TRS to XLR converters).
    The Zodiac amp got somewhat better when switching from 120 to 0 ohm mode. The first seconds the Zodiac amp sounds very similar to 909, but then you discover the "hardness". Boring. Worked better with HD800.
    I like the Hilo headphone amp, listening to it now. A little bit softer than 909, not as clear or as powerful bass. A little bit like comparing a really transparent HP cable like Red Astrachan with a softer (soundwise) cable like Q Audio. Nice to have both alternatives easily available! I often need to check which amp I'm currently using...
    Note that Hilo has 3 separate DACs, one for monitor out, another for headphone out and a better one for line out. The line out DAC, i.e. driving my 909, uses a stereo configuration per channel to get a 3dB better noise figure.
    No problems with the touch screen. This is not a capacitive touch screen though so sometimes you need to be more distinct than with your phone. You need to use the knob to adjust the faders as it's too finicky with the touch screen. Every DAC should have a touch screen! Lynx will release more tools, meters and stuff as software updates. And a screen-saver is on its way! [​IMG]
    Payed for my Hilo today, I'll keep the silver-faced Hilo I reviewed until I'll get the black-faced one. I'm one happy dude! [​IMG]
  7. K3cT
    Well... LCD-3 sounds very different with the SR-009 for a starter so I guess it depends on whether you want something similar or different sounding. Not to mention that while the LCD-3 is pretty darned good in its own rights, in terms of technicalities it's a clear step-down from the SR-009. 
    If you ask me, Hifiman HE-6 probably offers the closest sound to the SR-009 in terms of tonal balance although its imaging is a bit weak and it's even harsher than the HD800 in the upper mid and low treble area. 
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  8. Solude
    I love reading that the 009 is technically superior.  And yet the measurements suggest they are equals.  So I think it would be more fair to suggest the 009 is subjectively better.  One thing is for certain, its a ton more expensive to build a rig around :p
  9. musicman59
    To me measurements are meaningless what I care is what my ears tell me. I don't listen to measurements I listen to music. I love my W3000ANV, HD800 and HE-6, I also really like the LCD-3 (I don't own them but I have hear them many times. Contemplating buying a pair) but to my taste and opinion none are at the level of enjoyment the SR-009 provides me.
  10. SHAHZADA123
    Partly agree that the HE-6 is very similar to the SR009.
    But with the right amp the imaging is excellent with spot on specificity.
    The treble harshness also disappears once its (HE-6) properly amped.
    Having said that, IMO, the LCD-3s would be a nice complement to the SR009 
  11. Lan647
    It sounds significantly clearer than the Audeze headphones :p Don't think anyone having heard both will disagree...
  12. SHAHZADA123

    I was fortunate to have had both and the transparency & resolution of the SR009 is unmatched.
    With the venerable Esoteric K-01 as source, it was the best I've heard from any headphones.
    Unfortunately due to unavoidable circumstances I had to sell the Stax but I do plan to get another pair whenever I can
  13. MorbidToaster
    I dun no about that. Considering source isn't part of the cost (you need a good one either way). You could do an 009 + GES set up for around 6 grand (depending on where you buy your 009) and an LCD 3 with a decent amp is going to cost you more than half that at least. 
    BHA-1, Liquid Fire, Dark Star, RWA, etc. 
    If you go for something like the LF or DS you're breaking 5k.
  14. arnaud Contributor
    I guess it depends which measurement you're referring to and how you're looking into them. For instance, Audeze provided data is pretty much useless because it's overly smoothed and plot over a huge 100 or 120dB scale. Even the worst ringy piece of junk out there would look reasonably good through that kind of glasses.
    Let now suppose you compared the measurement from the same apparatus such as Tyll's work at inner fidelity. If you're read the various articles / look at all the data available, you'll find that the Audeze could not dream of having nowhere near the same consitency across headphone pairs as the Stax. When you see how much variations there have been between LCD3 units, I must ask you, which measurement did you think was the best and comparable in "performance" to the stax.
    Now, looking at Inner Fidelity's data, it looks to me that neither the 009 nor the LCD3 are measuring as perfect and they're nowhere near similar. Even without listening to them, from just the look for the FR, you can clearly see they've been voiced differently and one is clearly brighter / darker than the other. Which is right, probably ends up to the user's taste. Truth is in the eye of the beholder as they say.
    Last, forgetting about the measurements because they seem to be subject to heavy personal interpretation, if you're hear both units side by side, I can't believe a second you think they perform on the same ground (else you're probably wasting your money in this hobby). In my opinion, the LCD3 can be far more enjoyable on some music such as rock / bottom heavy stuff while at the same time extremely paling in resolution relative to the 009. It's just not comparable. Depending on which floats your boat, opinions will tend to be polarized. I'd say you need both for a very wide music collection and mood sets ... 
  15. MorbidToaster
    No don't do this to me.
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