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Need recommendations

  1. Zinte
    Hi guys, just joined the forum and i need some recommendations for a good pair of In Ears. I need a good amount of bass that doesnt overwhelm the mids and highs much, and decent sound isolation.
    Currently looking seriously at the Monster turbines or Tour, but as i read up more on Head Fi, I do see many comments that say they are overpriced. So whats better than the Tour or Turbines at that price range?
    My key consideration is alot of bass but has to be controlled and yet punchy. Has to perform decently in highs as well. I dont really like listening to Etymotics or Westones, they just dont provide much bass.
    Please help. Thanks guys.
    Budget : Around USD$180
  2. lucozade
    HJE900, CUSTOM 3
  3. imackler
    If Westone 3 doesn't do it for you, I'd consider the IE8. The mids are rich and the high details are there, just not in your face like etymotic or even more, the triple.fi. You can even adjust the bass if you want more. They're a great iem, just not my favorite for all genres, like string quartets. What kind of music do you listen to the most?
  4. Zinte
    I tend to listen more to hip-hop, pop or even dubstep music, a lot less of classical and jazz, but having said that i still need earphones that can do both since i'm paying quite abit. IE8 is way out of budget, maybe the IE7s.
    Just asking, can the etymotic er6i  or Westone 2 deliver considerable bass?
  5. imackler
    I don't think either the ER6i or the Westone 2 are what you are looking for; have you consider the Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10? The bass has some great slam; very enjoyable and great, sparkly highs. That could be a great choice for you and in your price range!

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