Need help to spend my money - new hobby
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Ever wondered what a true close shave actually feels like? Here's some info about it. Shaveblog is written by Corey Greenburg who's known to many in the world of audio as a past editor for Home Theater, Stereophile and other audio mags. I remembered how much I enjoyed reading his honest reviews of various audio gear and while doing a search for him on the web I came across his blog and discovered he has single handedly enlightened many men who for years have trashed their faces using crappy disposable razors in search for the perfect shave. Now he's given insight on how to shave your puss to a smooth baby bottom finish that should help increase the odds of getting what every man wants. More girlie action! Stop the bleeding nicks, ingrown hairs, red itchy and rashy skin and learn to shave like a man. This little hobby will tide you over until your desire for new gear roars it's audiophile head again, which some day it inevitably will.
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Originally Posted by stevenkelby /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Or maybe take up pistol shooting?

should we really be suggesting that patrick buys a firearm?!?!

have you considered going back to school? Or going to school in the first place? (i don't know your past schooling, so that is why i suggest it)
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Photography maybe? Also can involve cables
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Get a wife.
Cost you a lot and tends to outlive you.
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Originally Posted by Rock&Roll Ninja /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Thats not a hobby, Its a life-skill. Unless you consider eating Hamburger Helper™ living well.

Patrick is already a gourmet cook. He even has videos.
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Wow - where to start. All I'm about is hobbies - I wish I were wealthy and could just do hobbies all the time.

Fine woodworking - Like cigar boxes / wine racks and crap.
Boat building - Check out the gorgeous cedar strip kayaks. Hell - just search kayak and canoe building.
Kitesurfing - build your own boards - sew your own kites.
Culinary Dominance - work on cooking / developing amazing chef like skills
build a brick roast oven
Get into charcoal BBQing / entertaining.
flyfishing / fly tying.
wine collecting / wine cellar building. search google for wine cellars - you'd be amazed at what you can do.
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I read that rich folks spend a lots of time counting their money. I would think that would be fun. Or better yet, start a business. I always had my best times figuring out how to make more money, rather than buying things and collecting them and displaying them and turning around and trading for something else, but that's just me.
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Give me all your money. It will be very expensive, because the cost is infinite. You just give me all your money, and if you get more, you keep giving that to me as well.

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