Need help to spend my money - new hobby
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Originally Posted by Kuroyume /img/forum/go_quote.gif
skiing.... just getting the boots to be perfect can take months+a LOT of money...

Years for a few times a year skier like me
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Originally Posted by J-Pak /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Patrick how about a speaker setup?

Yes. That's a real never-ending money pit.

I personally think that you were built for speed, Patrick. So...

Stock car racing! That's a different hobby and huge money's spent. It's friendship bonding hobby, too, with lots of people milling about, but I always got headaches from the fumes.

If racing ain't your thing, try sky diving. I only did it once, but what a rush! I was bored when the parachute opened, but what a trip until that moment. It's expensive and fun. Actually, I think this would be perfect for you. You seem to like danger. Try it!
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Forgets these wannabe two-wheelers. Learn to unicycle.

In my experience with unicycling vs. audio, there's less of an emphasis on upgrading equipment than there is with learning new things. Once you've learned to ride forward, you can learn to ride backwards, or with one foot. It's a lifelong journey, my friend. After six years of riding, I can hop, ride one-footed, idle (roll back and forth) in place, ride backwards reasonably well and ride seat-in-front (holding the seat in front of me and not sitting on anything).

Just remember this slogan: it takes twice the man to ride half the bike.
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Originally Posted by heatmizer /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Yup you need an rc heli.
Start with a trex 450 and keep going:
A good forum to annoy people on would be "runryder"

I won't admit how many heli's i have but the number is over 5

That looks so fun. A bit expensive for me... If i had more money I'd probably get into it.
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Originally Posted by Patrick82 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I'm not going to spend any more money on audio because I don't need to. But what will I spend my money on next?

Are there any hobbies where you can keep on going for years? I'm not going to do any hobbies with engines because then there will be problems in the future. Any recommendations?

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Real estate in the US (pretty daring). A boat. Telescopes and astrophotography. Diving and underwater photography. Flying. Ice sales in your country. Start an education scholarship to offset your taxes. Start a loaner program for head-fiers and send around some rigs to the noobs so that they can hear the potential of ERS, Nordost, etc.

What is your stick of choice for shooting (not Breaking) and what weight? I see you as a 19 oz. Schon guy.
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Originally Posted by ken36 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I read that rich folks spend a lots of time counting their money. I would think that would be fun. Or better yet, start a business. I always had my best times figuring out how to make more money, rather than buying things and collecting them and displaying them and turning around and trading for something else, but that's just me.

I always found it satisfying to give money away with no strings attached. Give a homeless person a $100 bill for instance. It doesn't matter what he buys. It's his business. My satisfaction is in the giving.

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