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Need good headphones cheap!! Please help!!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by gallardo147, May 18, 2011.
  1. Gallardo147
    So I am in need of some new headphones. Im only able to spend about $30-40 on them and dont really have a preference between circum- and supra-aural although I would prefer them to be closed-back. Im open to any suggestions.
    Edit: Ok so I am now able to spend up to $50-60
  2. MicroNik
    inb4 the Sennheiser HD202. I never had them but your probably going to get a response saying to check it out. They run for about $30 and are, from what I've heard from others, decent.
  3. zmd
    How much is a pair of HD428 these days? The HD202 are ok, but the HD428s are much better IMO.
  4. JamesMcProgger
  5. MetaLicca


    They're around $80 right now, $100 if you're in Canada.
  6. Gallardo147
    Well I can get some refurbished hd 428s for about $40 or some refurbished hd 218s for $30 or some new AKG k81s for $50. What would you say about those??
  7. zmd
    Out of the three, I'd go with the AKGs. HD428 if you don't really need bassy cans, but want better midrange.
  8. earfonia
    At that price bracket, from what I've tried so far, Superlux is the best.  For closed headphones, try Superlux HD662 (the red color).  For open headphone, the HD681 is my favorite.
  9. ostewart
    +1 for the AKG's
  10. peskypesky
    Superlux headphones seem to get the most raves in that price range. Followed by the JVC HARX700.
  11. winma


    X2 on the RX700's. 
  12. Gallardo147
    Well im not really tied down to the three listed, but the Superlux do look pretty convincing. Any other ideas??
  13. peskypesky


    most of the Superlux are semi-open i think. so if you want closed, you'll have to make sure you get the right model. i wouldn't hesitate to buy Superlux after the scores of rave reviews i've read.
    that being said, i am so happy with my newest set, Koss KSC75s, that its helping me to resist Superlux. we'll see how long that lasts. 
  14. Proglover
    Superlux HD681 or HD668B, definitely
  15. Gallardo147
    I will consider, they look good

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