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Need Advice! Inexperienced With Headphones and would appreciate help!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mikenuss, Apr 7, 2013.
  1. mikenuss
    I am hoping someone could help me out in finding a pair of headphones that would best suit my needs...
    1) Price Range: $250-350
    2) Over-Ear, Closed (maybe Noise Canceling?) that are good for all types of music... I listen to a lot of progressive house as well as a lot of rap/hip-hop and basically all other genres of music.
    3) High Quality headphones that are comfortable and I can wear in a library without disturbing the people around me.
    Thank you!
  2. mangoegiraffe
    you are going to really struggle to find a good pair of headphones that wont be audible in a closed environment - open or closed theyre still gonna bleed some noise im afraid. id just grab a decent pair of earphones for library, and go for something like the sennheiser hd600 for when you can blast something. that way you will appreciate them more when you do use them.
  3. mikenuss
    do the sennheiser hd600's have a lot of sound leakage? 
  4. Sekka
    They are open-back, which basically means that they have little to no isolation.  You should check out the Mad Dog by MrSpeakers.
  5. mangoegiraffe
    ^^^^ but as i said - all good phones are going to have a lot of leakage. the mad dogs wont be much better in an enclosed area either (though definately worth a look)
  6. Sekka

    "A lot" is subjective.  The Mad Dog doesn't leak very much unless you listen at very high volumes, and even at very high volumes, the library or other very quiet areas are pretty much the only places where it could be a problem.
  7. shadow419
    Iem's obviously can provide much better isolation and minimal leakage, but I own the Mad Dogs and unless I'm blasting the volume you can barely hear leakage from further than 1-2 feet away. The amount of sound leaking is so tiny it takes a fairly quiet environment and a small room to even make any notice of it.
  8. mangoegiraffe
    true. they are definately going to be quieter, but i still wouldnt recommend them for headphones to wear in a quiet library. id just go for a decent pair of earphones and then buy a pair of headphones without worrying about leakage. if your set on wearing big headphones in a library then the madd dogs on a low volume will be a better choice.
  9. Sekka
    Are you just assuming that they are going to leak a lot?  Pretty much everyone who has actually used them disagrees with you.
  10. mangoegiraffe
    your right, i cant say that i have tested them for leakage - im just saying that personally i would just go with earphones if i was somewhere like the library and then buy a good pair of headphones without having to take that into account. especially so as the genres listed were very bass demanding. if you are going to buy headphones though, then it seems there is a consensus that mad dogs are the way to go, im not disagreeing with you.
  11. mikenuss
    I think I am going to go with the Mad Dog by Mr. Speakers. I wanted to ask an additional question: amplifier or no amplifier? If so, what is the best combination of low price and portability?
    Thank you everyone for helping me out! 
  12. Mad Max
    Should also read up on the Sony Z1000/7520, DT770, closed-back Shures, Ultrasones, Amperior and Momentum, and the Sony R1 to see if they are suitable for you.
    What's your intended budget on the amplifier?
  13. mikenuss
    I would like to spend under $100 USD
  14. Sekka
    Definitely amped and with a DAC.
    It depends on what you are willing to pay.  The Audioengine D1 is a pretty good portable amp/dac for $170, the FiiO E17 is pretty good for $110ish.

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