1. Maliken

    Looking to upgrade from HD 598

    I'm currently looking for an upgrade from my Sennheiser HD 598's. I love them, especially the midrange, but the low end isn't quite as satisfying to me. I'd like to pair these headphones with my Audioengine D1 DAC/Amp. Budget is around 300 EUR, and here's what I'm looking for:   1)...
  2. mikenuss

    Need Advice! Inexperienced With Headphones and would appreciate help!

    Hello,   I am hoping someone could help me out in finding a pair of headphones that would best suit my needs...   1) Price Range: $250-350 2) Over-Ear, Closed (maybe Noise Canceling?) that are good for all types of music... I listen to a lot of progressive house as well as a lot of...
  3. Butthungrymonke

    Will the Audioengine D1 be sufficient to power the Mad Dogs?

    Will the Audioengine D1 be sufficient enough to power the Mad Dogs? I couldn't find a clear answer. Thanks
  4. Aldem

    I'm hesitating between an Asus Xonar Essence STX and an Audioengine D1 (Or any better ~200$CA DAC), to drive a Senn HD 650

    I'm hesitating between an Asus Xonar Essence STX and an Audioengine D1 (Or any better ~200$CA DAC), to drive a Senn HD 650.   Could you guys lead me in (in your opinion) best choice ?   Thanks   Alan
  5. raulromanjr

    Sell Audioengine D1 in favor of the portability/convinience of a FiiO E07K?

    My current setup uses Hi-res 24bit music from iTunes/Bitperfect on my MacBook Pro.  The music is fed via toslink to my Audioengine D1 DAC/Amp to either my TMA-1 Studio or Creative Aurvana In-Ear 3.  I'm very pleased with this low budget setup.   I recently bought a FiiO E07K with the intent of...
  6. TunneLVisioN42

    AudioEngine D1? the only option under $200...??? seems so :(

    I have been looking non stop for a solution to my needs, I thought I found it with a Tubemagic D1 but I am not really liking it. In short I need a amp/dac that has usb and optical inputs with RCA outputs for my KRK Rokit 5's it seems its incredibly hard to find a decent DAC that meets these...
  7. umutay

    Amplifier help for HD600 + Audioengine D1 and some other questions !!!

    Hi everyone,   I read lot of threads about this choise but couldn't get right idea so far and more confused :(    I am new at head-fi and new for hi-fi headphone...    I bought HD600 and audioengine d1 dac, i try to order la figaro 332s from yukong09 from below web adress, but i guess i am...
  8. LeoTheAwesome

    Audioengine D1 or Schiit Magni/Modi

    Sup guys!   I have a big dilemma, I am looking for a solid state Dac/Amplifier for my Shure SHR840.   I want something that will last for a while and will not give me issues, I live in South Africa and i can't afford to have a defective unit as shipping it back to wherever for repairs can be...
  9. raulromanjr

    A bag for both your full-size headphones and your portable amp/DAC

    There are a few things out there but non ideal.  I ran across this one but I'm not sure if the pockets are big enough for a portable amp.  Maybe if we request a special "Audiophile Edition" they will make one for us.  Other than the pockets everything else looks really good.  I specially like...
  10. Crook1d

    DAC/AMP and Sound Card Combo Question

    There is a big discount on the Audioengine D1 and I was thinking about picking it up. I run the Sound Blaster Z because I need the DD Live for my Astro A50s. I use a pair of Mackie MR5 MK3s for my desktop speakers and I'm curious if the DAC/AMP will have any improvement over sound running...
  11. NiklasBrock

    open Headphones with large soundstage under $500

    I am in need of Audiophile guidance!   I currently own the ATH-M50's (shocker) and i am powering them with an Audioengine D1.   The M50's do have a very nice, clear and full sound, however i find them very "closed."  When i close my eyes and visualize where the sound is coming from, it's...
  12. weenston

    Need help hooking up my subwoofer to my Paradigm Shift A2s

    Hey guys,   I never messed with RCA cables and stuff without a receiver and I'm a newb at this audio stuff so I'm a bit stumped. I have a pair of Paradigm Shift A2s (they look like this in the back).   I want to...
  13. Username15

    Wireworld Cables for Audioengine A5+ and D1?

    Hey guys! I was curious if anybody tried audioengine a5+'s and their d1 dac with wireworld cables, and if yes which sounds better the setup with stock cables or the wireworlds? Also is it worth it to replace all the cables with wireworlds, or is it better to just replace the usb cable? And will...
  14. josephting

    Recording with External DAC/AMP

    Can I record the output of an external DAC? Some of the DAC I'm talking about here are Fiio E10, Nu Force uDAC 3 and Audioengine D1. If so, can I monitor the output via Headphones while recording? And is it recorded via a recording device in my Computer or using another cable to plug back into...
  15. Evansoft

    Question about AudioEngine D1 + Creative Sound Blaster Z

    So I read in another thread   Quote:   I have a Creative Sound Blaster Z and am wondering if the Audio Engine D1 would be a noticeable upgrade from them, using HD598s. Can the two be used together? What are the benefits of that over using USB, besides the Surround Sound features? How is...
  16. Stanfoo

    Important question about Amp's

    Hello. I am using a wireless headphone (RS180) to watch TV with. When I increase the volume to a high level via my headphones' built in volume adjuster, I can hear a white noise/static sound.   I cannot increase the volume from the sound source itself (TV) because the headphones' base...
  17. Username15

    Sound coming from ceiling instead of speakers??

    Hello I have auditioned B&W, Totem and PMC speakers and somehow it feels like that the sound is coming from the ceiling instead of the speakers, as if there was no speakers. It totally feels like listening live. Currently I am using an audioengine D1 to a pair of A5+'s and I can't seem to...
  18. stisev

    HD650s -- Disappointed with Audioengine D1 + FIIO E17!

    OK guys. I have decided to return my FIIO E17 which is driving my HD650s. Honestly, compared to the Cirrus Logic 4206B in my 2012 Mac Mini, I honestly can't tell any difference from the Sennheiser HD650, even with FLAC music files. I am not an audiophile, but I do appreciate good music. To make...
  19. Stanfoo

    Can this DAC be powered by my TV

    Audioengine D1 -   I'm using it for my TV, not PC. You can either power it from the wall outlet that has a usb slot or putting it into a device that has usb slot (i.e. laptop, computer). If I power...
  20. L-pee

    Which format do you prefer: DSD or PCM? Why?

    I'm curious: which is your preferred format? There seem to be a lot of DACs out there capable of working PCM recordings in 24/96 (one of which I own- Audioengine D1) or 24/192. Not too many affordable DACs on the market do DSD. I only know of the iFi Nano...
  21. T

    AudioEngine D1 or Aune T1

    I am looking to grab one of these two DACs for the sole purpose of their ability as DACs. I have a little dot mkII that I enjoy that I plan on running off one of these DACs, I just need opinions on these two products. Thanks!
  22. Lace'd Taste

    Advice for a returning Head-fier

    Hi all,   So I left head-fi a while back due to financial reasons but now things have come around for me and I'm seriously thinking about repurchasing a bit of equipment.  I had to sell all my gear previously which was a half decent portable rig for it's time - 5.5gen iMod, iQube V1, ALO vcap...
  23. semaj8james

    Audioengine D1 DAC

    Hello Head-Fi! I am selling my Audioengine D1 DAC. I have used it for roughly 3 months now, and I bought it used locally.  It is in flawless working condition and in incredible visual condition. In my eyes, it's mint condition, just burned in! I've been using it coupled with a Maverick Audio...
  24. ohmicide

    Best $300 (or less) USB DAC/AMP combo for music production?

    Does anyone here use a dedicated DAC/AMP combo for production?   I don't do a lot of recording, if any at all, so I'm looking for a good USB DAC/AMP combo to use with my headphones (currently AKG K702s and Beats by Dre Studio, both hopefully to be replaced by AKG K550s which should be...
  25. Vakturion

    Thinking about buying some headphones/soundcard/amp, advice?

    Hey guys,   First time I've been here, well I've looked around a little over the last day :P   So I'm considering getting some headphones, and I decided on the Beyerdynamic: DT880. So now I read they don't really shine until I amplify them, So I decide I'm going to buy a Shiit Audio...