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Hallo friends !

At last friday, i had the great pleasure to hear this ultimate piece of personal sound projection at LB-acoustics Messgeräte Headquarter in Vienna, Austria.
They are looking awesome, the comfort for me was after a while really very, very good.
At first minutes, i had a little problem with deepest bass, but later and later was everything just right ! The bass texture, fantastic naturality of voices, neutrality.
Patricia Barber, Diana Krall, Kurt Elling, Martin Breeze on analog record from Kostas Metaxas recorded on Stellavox tape recorder...The openess of
the sound panorama is phenomenal. The most open headphone or headspeaker which i heard.
The system is realy electrostaticlike quick, (as impulse response on explains) . After 90 minutes of intensiv listening of many styles from jazz,
classical music, to art rock, progrock, its clear for me this stunning piece of High End Audio Gear will be mostprobably my ( next to the last ) last Window
to the fantastic cosmos of music.



Curious how it sounds with more energetic music :)

Pop? Death Metal? Grindcore? Punk? Black Metal?
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I listened to the MYspheres at the Highend with different Woo amps including the WA11 (3.2 version) and was very impressed. Very open (obviously also in a nonliteral sense) and not editing, capable to convey all musical nuances and emotions. I also tested my Mojo and AK120 with the 3.2 and their sound signature became very obvious. They don't need fancy amplifiers but benefit of them. The best Headphone amp I found at the show was the upcoming Chord Hugo TT2 which would be an amazing combo with the Mysperes but quite expensive. Being so open they require a quite environment (I could hear other Myspheres playing next to me especially if nobody was using them but music was not stoped).
I was also interested in the Meze Empyrean but they sounded like good hifi and not like real music compared to the Myspheres- dark and warm and subdued.
The only problem I had with the Myspheres was their comfort on my square head - not a problem for most other listener. I hopefully the headband cushion can be modified to make them fit
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