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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nomax, Sep 8, 2016.
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  1. hrklg01 Contributor
    Correct! :)
  2. Takeanidea
    Thank you James that is extremely helpful. I have a portable tube amp that I can attach the megamini to or I may have to get a Shanling M2s or something similar to output to the Mojo if that doesn't work. It looks very much like the 3.2 is for me. the IMS HVA dac/amp has the following specs -
    Output Impedance H/O
    <0.3 ohm
    Max Output Power @ 16 ohm
    ~ 140 mW
    Max Output Power @ 32 ohm
    ~ 87 mW
    Max Output Power @ 300 ohm
    ~ 10 mW
    ~ +13 dB (my measurement)
    Max Output Current
    115 mA
    Max Output Voltage
    ~1.5 Vp-p
  3. Takeanidea
    We are in the company of a true legend of our hobby here! Hi Heinz - of course at the retail price it may be necessary to get a bit more power rather than compromising on sub standard performance. I think I have a 30 wpc integrated amp knocking around. I love the sound of the megamini that much I will probably try and keep it.
    It's not like I'm going to wear the Mysphere out and about, although my Stax Sigma Pro Earspeakers caused a few heads to turn when I took them for a stroll one summers day.....
  4. Matrix Petka
    My hunt for AKG K1000 ended with success - got it together with BAP K1000 Audiosphere. Out of this world experience. Hard to imagine how good will be MySphere 3.1. Thank you Herr Heinz for this sound masterpiece.
  5. hrklg01 Contributor
    Congrats to your success with K1000+BAP1000 !!! :)
    Especially because the BAP1000 is also very helpful for MYSPHERE. Using this combo, you will enjoy music much more realistic till ever before. Promise!
    The sound processor of the BAP 1000 is still one of the best on the market. The build in amplifier is just ok, but if you use BAP 1000 as pre-amp with the processor function + external modern amplifier, you will truly enjoy!

    Best regards,
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  6. Matrix Petka
    Thank you, Dear Herr Heinz!
    Thank you for wonderfull headphones!
    Absolutely agree with you - BAP 1000 rises K1000 to the next level. Amplifier section... well not the best one, but it compensates surround. Despite nowadays digital software based processors, BAD 1000 do not degrade sound quality.
    I think, there is the must to have dedicated amplifier for MySphere 3.2 with sound processor. Out of this world experience. Such a WOW! i haven't for years.
    Thank you, Herr Heinz for your work. Work well done with love and passion for perfect sound. You will succeed - without that silly AKG managers, who got gold mine but spoiled everything.
  7. Dobrescu George
    My understanding is that things are going really well for MySphere headphones lately!

    I am most curious about the ones that are easier to drive, if they are around as easy to drive as LCD-MX4 and Beyerdynamic Amiron (so from a portable source, like Opus #1s), it would be quite amazing for many people who were waiting for a new innovation in their headphone lives :)

    Some friends who tried them in the past have told me that those are quite comfy in real world, at least to them they were. Looking forward to hearing more impressions~
  8. hrklg01 Contributor
    Hello George,

    MYSPHERE 3 is really easy to drive from the efficiency point of view. Already with 1mW you reach 1 Pa =94dB SPL on the ear!

    Another point is that due to the very precise (fast) acoustic capability, poor amplifier performance is easy recognizable (audible). Therefore some people interpret it wrong and believe that MYSPHERE need a very high performance amp.
    Because of those believes, I will demo MS at AUDIOVISTA this Saturday in Krefeld Germany with low - over mid range - up to high end amps as well.

    BR heinz
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  9. dm24
    MYSPHERE Can Jam NYC 2018 https://www.themasterswitch.com/canjam-nyc-2018-day-1

    " Easily the most bonkers pair of headphones we've ever tried. These are the Mysphere 3, and they are insane. They sort of float next to your ears while you wear the headband like something out of Star Trek. While they were very good, and quite fun to use, we can't see them being a popular choice for many people – not least because they cost the earth. " :alien:
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2018
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  10. Dobrescu George
    Excellent, people will be able to better appreciate them like this in this situation :)

    I have noticed that iBasso DX200 and FiiO X7mkii are quite good at driving something like Audeze LCD-MX4, so I think that those high-end portable DAPs would make quite a nice pairing with Mysphere as well :)

    The part with they sort of float seems to have intrigued many people I know, they are quite curious how those work, how they sound, and many other things. I think that the design is at least one step forward to being unique and innovative, which is good for the future, the more refined something new becomes, the better :)

    Some of my friends, who heard those, told me that the soundstage is quite amazing to hear in person :)
  11. Takeanidea
    For €3.900 they have to be much much better than anything below HE-1 given that these are the first headphones MySphere has produced. I'd have felt easier parting with €1.000/€1500 - that sort of money gets you HD800 and HD800S and HE-6 with change. I have both the HD800 and HE-6 and have modded them to squeeze out extra refinements. I knew that price tag would be unrealistic. The first batch produced being relatively few means the cost of the materials is that much higher.
    If we were talking about a work of art of course, every would be sat in an auction room and the price would be through the roof. It's a case of ; how good are these and how much will audiophiles pay for the very best?
  12. Matrix Petka
    Let me disagree. Background of company - Mr.Heinz Renner - creator of legendary AKG K1000. K1000 even now surpass lots of modern headphones (I am happy owner of K1000). There is nothing to compare K1000 with HD800S (I have it too). Mysphere BIG step forward from K1000. Technicaly there is nothing like it on the market - please carefully read technical information in this thread supplied by Mr.Heinz. Unique driver, magnet, even patented wiring - everything made with utmost care for details. Let's go further - do you know headphones whose driver was paired by 10! parameters? Do you know headphones pre-burned for 100 hours before packaging? Taking into account just these few facts, Mysphere price looks not so big, to compare with other "flagships".
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  13. Takeanidea
    I too own the K1000. I love them. They can be compared to the pair of Sennheiser HD800 that i own. Of course. They are both headphones! In some respects the 1000 wins in others the HD800. Hence I must reserve my judgement until I have heard them or have a view from one of my friends who has had the chance to hear them. But to sound like as headphones that they are worth €3900 Is a huge hurdle to overcome.
    I will say tjis; it is a courageous move
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2018
  14. bosiemoncrieff
    I cannot afford them at present, and will probably purchase KSE1500 before MySphere, as HD800 and K1000 do so many things so well. However, if they truly manage to fix K1000's bass and rattle issues, I think speaking of them in the same breath as HE-1 is appropriate. I expect certainly that they will impress me more than Susvara, LCD-4, and HE-1000.
  15. travis-bickle
    based on a experience of a user in a german forum. the bass is fixed if you wear em on ear. so the cushions have contacts to your ear. if you wear em like k1000s the sound becomes "thin and you can speak of not enough bass".
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