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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nomax, Sep 8, 2016.
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  1. hrklg01 Contributor

    Just want to mention, this proto's was just ONE of many possible sound adjustments. I optimised it mainly with and for Live Jazz recordings.
    It's our aim to find out the best suitable one for your tastes. maybe different to other companies, it's very easy and fast to adjust the acoustics for us :)
    BR heinz
  2. ruhenheiM
    damn. that's awesome. is the fit going to be an issue? like you have to got it right to make it sound great.and is it hard to get the right fit? 
    how about the bass? is it go deep? or similar like k1000 more about mid bass hump if i remember correctly
  3. ruhenheiM
    wait. are you saying the tuning could be custom to the buyer need?
  4. ampair
    in that case i'd like to test a more neutral adjustment next time we meet :wink: until then i'll keep enjoying your K1000!
  5. hrklg01 Contributor

    We'll offer different colors in future and also matte surfaces on request. However, this will not be available from the beginning.

    The electric connection can be used:
    > single sided symmetric
    > single sided non symmetric
    > both sided symmetric
    The specific cable connector is not decided now and we are still in the optimization phase there.

    The internal wiring consist out of flat gold wires. Also hard gold surface contacts offering extreme high reliability which are used in professional electronics normally. If not trusting to this feature, it's possible to use the both sided contact method.

    BR heinz
  6. hrklg01 Contributor

    Good idea! :wink:
    But sorry - NO! What I wanted to say is, that we are creating some different sound tunes within the next weeks (so April) and will test them with some professional beta testers.
    After this action, we will release the final tuning.

    BR heinz
  7. hrklg01 Contributor

    The bass response is not tuned as K1000.
    It's really flat till sub bass - but no bass extension like a certain peak at low frequencies like many other has. It's our aim to realize NEUTRAL sound with great short impulse response.

    BR heinz
    arnaud and analogsurviver like this.
  8. ampair
    as with all headphones, you'll get the best sound when the driver is correctly aligned to your ears. and since the headband of these 'phones always stays in a fixed position, you have to move the speaker up/down/back/forward until it fits best. but they still sound great when you don't get it 100% right.
    and as i said it goes smoothly down to 20hz at least, i didn't notice a mid bass hump.
  9. ruhenheiM
    i see. thanks for the update. can't wait for the final tuning. and i have to agree with kn19h7, based on the photo the headphone doesn't looks attractive/exciting, that silver finish kinda a turn off
    thanks for the impression and quick reply! really appreciate it.and the link to the vienna meet,looks great!  
  10. dm24
    For me silver finish is OK.
  11. hrklg01 Contributor

    Yes, understood!
    For me the color is not important - as I'm color blind! :wink:
    But our designer will appreciate any input of course.
    BR heinz
  12. FastAndClean
    Silver finish is excellent, very classy and clean look
  13. kn19h7
    - I see.
    - Something like the ones on Utopia or MrSpeaker cans could be nice, but those are probably too bulky to fit into current design..
    - Have your team considered wiring mechanism similar to the Sennheiser HD25 variants? That may not look so pretty, but would avoid having signal traveling through moving joints.
  14. hrklg01 Contributor

    Of course, yes we considered such wiring as well.
    But it's not robust enough according to our experiments.
    KR heinz
  15. WCDchee

    Would it be possible to have thick copper wiring instead of flat gold wiring? Perhaps what you could do would be two sets of wiring internally, what you guys have in mind currently if the user ants to use it single sided, for convenience, but for those who Want to push the audio performance with a double sided connection, have a short thick copper wire connecting the socket to the driver directly. This will be able to satisfy both groups of customers.

    Also with regards to the Colour perhaps you can consider a sand blasted or Matt silver :)
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