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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nomax, Sep 8, 2016.
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  1. akg fanboy
    I feel like the mysphere will truly be the one headphone to rule them all without any of the shortcomings from the k1000, hd800, or utopia. Dead neutral on the harmon target, utopia quality drivers, premium construction in a very light body, incredibly erogonomically shaped, similar open design as k1000 which means a large soundstage. Basically everything I'd ever want
    So I think this will be very different from the typical trend of insanely high priced headphones like the he1000, edition 6, lcd 4, utopia, etc which all have very obvious shortcomings in one area or another. But I think the pricing will just lead everyone to believe it's just another company trying to get a money grabber and leave even headfi's general reception unenthusiastic about it. But is it still worth 3k? Nah, even a used hd800 is just borderline in terms of value
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  2. kman1211
    What helps Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, and AKG(though the slow death of the old AKG is sad, they made so many great headphones with such unique and innovative designs) also make a lot of their revenue through microphones and they are very well established companies with a good reputation among professionals so they can afford to charge less on their headphones. Sennheiser is better at marketing than either Beyer or AKG and have well-established themselves among consumers comparatively. Many people know Sennheiser, a lot of people don't know AKG or Beyer.
  3. kn19h7
    Just some concerns:
    - Will there be dark or matte color options available? Perhaps something like anodized black or graphite. I think the photos clearly show how ugly shiny silver can get under real world usages.
    - So it will be using single cable-entry at a time, will there be locking mechanism? Also, from the position and direction of cable-entry, looks like it could cause not-so-tiny cable to press on shoulder..
    - Is the internal wiring based on printed-wires, and surface contacts between moving parts?
  4. WCDchee

    To concern 3, I sure hope not. This is a headphone that deserves real chunky wiring in there, not just bare minimal contacts or ribbon wires.
  5. ruhenheiM
    and then in the near future, probably less than in 3 years.they release the updated version. pretty much those new flagships already done this except utopia.but then again utopia just been released.let's see in the next 3 years. its kinda annoying a flagship headphone cost in 5k bracket treated like it's a disposable items
    hopefully myspehere not go down to that road
  6. canali

    It's called technology and innovation..
    Do you complain when a new car model comes out every yr ...Or when a classic like the accord, civic or corolla gets an upgrade (like both Toyota and Honda does every 3-4 yrs to try to both stay current, as well as bring a host of new features and better driver experience to the table? so your $20000 investment has not only gone further down in value but also now replaced with a new edition or model. Different industry I know but why should hi-fi be any different?

    As for those who enjoy the Sennheiser 598, 600 or 650 series there are an equal amount of people who feel it's in need of an update and/or have moved on to what they feel are more exciting sound signatures ... and are willing to pay more for such.
  7. ruhenheiM
    i did said flagship headphone right? if you want to compare it to car.5k bracket probably a super car in 100-400k price bracket. and if we talking 50k like orpheus.thats a hypercar cost in at least one million. if the headphone cost under one grand or two grand.if you want to do an update..go ahead.nobody cares.and if its an update because of trickle down of the flagship. that's really good. and i know even in supercar and hypercar there's some iteration.yes.but mostly its a limited production of that iteration, the current model still pretty much the same until they release the new one.
    those toyota and honda you mention.in a headphone world.that's probably fell in under one grand price bracket.if they want to do update.that's good.go ahead. to keep up with competition and to stay relevant. but there's reason why its called r&d. i lost count how many lcd2 version out there.that product has been around for at least 7-8 years.last time i check and if i'm not mistaken by reading in lcd2 thread, they still do update for their drivers in 20016. 8years. imagine in 20years. how many generation of lcd2. even toyota and honda with certain type still not having that many generation/iteration/update
    and it's not like it's a whole new type of transducer.if they invent a new kind.okay i totally get it.its new tech. its need time to get mature. but they using orthodynamic. that's been around since 70s for a headphone. not sure for a speaker but probably has been around longer than a orthodynamic headphone
    look at stax.how long the o2 has been.they release the 02 in 1998.thats 19 years.only 2 type.mk1.mk2.then comes along 009.that headphone probably already around for 6years maybe.how many iteration 009 had. that's the flagship.the lower end.with lamdba design, they get some iteraton..202.207.303.307.404.407and then it got some trickle down, 507. and then to stay current. they release the SR-L700,SR-L500, sr-l300. but how many 009 generation?
  8. canali
    note to self: do not read from small ipod screen in bed, just awoken....didn't see the 'flagship' part :wink:
    ruhenheiM  would have been good to have read this detailed reply with your original statment..would have provided more context.
    so now i have a better understanding where you're coming from..so thanks for this.
  9. Beagle
    Yup, that's another thing as well. I don't like investing a lot of money in 'experiments'. With the exception of MrSpeakers, who will (for some models) upgrade your headphone for a fair price, rather than leaving you stuck with your old one (or having to sell it at a loss) and having to buy the new version.
  10. akg fanboy
    the mysphere isn't an experiment though, a k1000 successor creates a lot of expectations and mr renner did say he does plan on making cheaper headphones after it so some of the tech will "trickle" down to lower price brackets although not any time soon
  11. ruhenheiM
    time will tell. hopefully they are not going to that trend. i have a high expectation and high hope.considering they are the designer/engineer of k1000 after all.and for many years that k1000 being sold. i think there's only 2 version of it.so their track record are pretty good
    the price probably going to be tricky here.but if they could deliver the promise. man... this is one of the most exciting headphone in years
  12. Beagle
    If it wasn't $3000 before, it will be now...
  13. Bloos
    Damn it.. I only got one kidney left.
  14. Bloos
      Are the measurements out or are you just hoping?
  15. ampair
    yes, no, and yes :) it's extremely comfortable to wear, after a few minutes you even forget it's on your head. all while staying steadily in place, not at all like the ever-unstable K1000. you have to fiddle a bit though until the speakers are in the right position for your ears.
    sound-wise, the two prototypes provided at our meet gave a very good foretaste of what's to come. beautiful treble extension and clarity without even the hint of sibilance, and a clean and nice presentation of dr. chesky's heartbeat tracks down to 20hz. the big problem with these prototypes were the over-emphasized upper mids which somewhat clouded the overall experience. once that's ironed out, imho this will be a killer headphone second to none. luckily i still have both my kidneys [​IMG]
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