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My DIY electrostatic headphones

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  1. LFF
    Amazing work!
  2. McGyver
    May I ask how much the Stax cable cost?
    I need a extension cord to my HE60s as I had to shorten the original one due to the different leads splitting after the connector!
    I have measured standard RGB extension cord, and the capacitance seem to be identical to the Sennheiser original (wich cost abt. 250$ here in Sweden)
    I'm thinking off using only the center conductor in the RGB cable and se how this works, but a STax cable is perhaps a better way to go!?
  3. chinsettawong
    Hi Roger,
    I use an extension cable of Koss ESP950.  It's available from Koss USA.  You have to contact the customer service and ask them about it.  It cost only about US$10 for a 2 meter length cable.  However, they do not ship it overseas.  Therefore, you will have to ask your American friend to buy and ship over to you.
    Stax 2.5 meters extension cable costs around US$100.  It does look a bit better than Koss, but I'm not sure about the capacitance.
    Wachara C.
  4. MDR30
    May I very humbly join the song of praise - that's what I call dedication. And on top of that the spirit of sharing that seems to be so very rare these days.
    I, for one, would be very interested to know what the music of your choice is, Mr. chinsettawong?
  5. chinsettawong
    Hi NDR30,
    Thank you very much for your kind words.  I do really enjoy making things.  I also enjoy sharing and exchanging knowledge with others.
    I listen to all kinds of music except for hard rock.  I prefer instrumental music.  Sometimes classical is nice. :)
    What about you?  What kind of music do you like?
    Wachara C.
    I read through this entire thread with ardent interest. Incredible work my friend. I really wish I was a DIY guy. Perhaps it's time to stop wishing..
  7. wdiabc
    Incredible work. I read through the 10 page thread and you kept shocking me. May I ask can you make one pair of those round drivers for me? (the 90mm one). I saw you made many of them and expect you would have several spares. I am just to dull to make those and I really admire your work. 
  8. reiserFS
    This is one of the most interesting threads on Head-Fi, your work is amazing and very inspiring.
  9. chinsettawong
    Thank you for all your compliments.  I really appreciate them.  :)
    @wdiabc:  I'm sorry that I do not have any more spare stators and spacers at the moment.  :frowning2:
    I want to update you guys with the 3 stators and double diaphragms design that I made earlier.  Even though they sound pretty good, but I will not make them anymore.  I don't feel that they are any better than the normal 2 stators and one diaphragm design.  I've also played with a different configuration.  That is I use 2 stators and 2 diaphragms with a charge ring between the 2 diaphragms and that makes the 2 diaphragms move as one.  This configuration actually sounds better than 3 stators and 2 diaphragm design, but still, it's not as good as the conventional.
    In the end, the basic philosophy still applies.  Size does matter!  If you want to get good low frequencies, you make big diaphragm.  :)
    Wachara C.
  10. d1554573r
    Pure awsomeness! Man when I look at Your finish and design of both the headphones and Your amps I think You should go pro with those...
  11. chinsettawong
    Hi d1554573r,
    Thanks a lot for your compliments.
    Wachara C.
  12. hello im sean
    Hey how do your electro static headphones sound compared to the typical dynamic headphones thrown around on here?
  13. chinsettawong


    Ever since I make my own electrostatic headphones, I quit listening to all other dynamic headphones.   :)
    Wachara C.
  14. purk Contributor


    Hi there krub!  After you completed your own stats, have you made any comparison to the top end dynamics?  If so, what is your findings?
  15. chinsettawong


    Hi Purk,
    I'm sorry that I do not have any top end dynamic headphones to try.  :frowning2:
    Wachara C.
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