Moon Nēo 430HA Reference Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by icenine2, May 16, 2014.
  1. chaojiliqilin
    Hi theorist,
    Thank you for your kind suggestions! Utopia becomes more attractive for me.
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  2. jlbrach
    the utopia surely doesnt need the 430 ...the other 2 might depending on alternatives....i use my dave but have used the 430 from time to time
  3. chaojiliqilin
    Hi jlbrach,

    You share the similar idea as mine. The sad story is that I do not have dave. Probably utopia needs an amp with smaller power but finer detail. I will do more research about it.
  4. TSAVJason
    Definitely NOT normal. Are both being fed from the same electrical outlet? When you say amp, you do mean the 430 right? Possibly you're using an outboard speaker amp?
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  5. TSAVJason
    How about that ...I totally concur! It doesn't need it but it sure does perform when it's on a 430 or a Dave or .....
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  6. chaojiliqilin
    I see! It should perform nice with 430HA!
  7. TSAVJason
    No doubt! Do you have the HA? Or the HAd with DAC?
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  8. chaojiliqilin
    Neither. I am thinking to get a 430HA and doing research about whether it works for my abyss phi and the potential utopia.
  9. TSAVJason
    The Abyss really is in need of power and the 430 has nice clean power. Enough for the Abyss. The other posters were correct the Utopia doesn't need the 430 but it sure does perform when you do use any good amplifier. I often use my Cavalli LAu with a DAVE or D1100 DAC but no doubt the 430HA and HAd are great products for a much lower cost.
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  10. longbowbbs
    I also have the Utopia's with the 430HAD. It is a solid combination. The 430 works well with many high end headphones.
  11. Roybenz
    I'm considering buying a power filter/cleaner, would the 430ha benefit from it?
  12. john777
    I would say that most audio equipment benefits from a stable, clean power supply. I run my 430HA and other equipment from a PS Audio P10, which is a regenerator. Some filters/cleaners have been reported to affect the sound, but I have not found this with the P10.
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  13. T Bone
    Like @john777 I have a PS Audio Power Plant regenerator. (mine is the P3) I can't say that it made an audible difference, but it helps to soothe my audiophile nervousa.
    One of the differences between average consumer electronics and quality products like your 430a is power supply design. A component with an "average" power supply will probably benefit more from a clean power source than high-end component with a robust power supply design. That said, I'm not selling my P3 anytime soon! :wink:
  14. theorist
    If you know your mains supply is really dirty (eg you live in a dense city centre), by all means consider a conditioner. But, in any case, if you own your place, or have an understanding landlord, before buying a conditioner (or even if you don't think you need one), first optimise your home power by giving the 430HA and the rest of your audio kit a direct, good quality electrical line to your fuse box with its own fuse (as many amps as your electrical code allows), and ensure that the household power line is well grounded with little measurable resistance (electricians can check this). In my case, I have my audio kit directly grounded via connection to a 2 metre grounding rod only a couple of metres below the 430HA (but in many places the electrical code will not allow more than one grounding rod per house, unless perhaps they are securely electrically wired together -- again, check your local code/talk to your electrician). This will reduce your 430HA and rest of the system picking-up the noise generated throughout your home by all the household electronics (especially wall-wart switching power supplies, florescent lights, motors, etc) and contaminating your audio electrical power with em/rf noise, as well as help eliminate to ground external emf/rf noise coming in on the power line. Your electrician will know what is safe/permitted to do in your area (even if she/he may look at you a bit strangely, if not an audiophile!) and the cost should be considerably less than that of a conditioner.
  15. SuperBurrito

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