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Moon Nēo 430HA Reference Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by icenine2, May 16, 2014.
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  1. Icenine2
  2. Icenine2
    $3500 MSRP
  3. TwoEars
    Indeed. How long before Krell and Audio Research makes one?
    Krell "mini-mono-amps" for your orthos anyone? [​IMG]
    Where will it end...
  4. wnmnkh Contributor
    Krell used to make headphone amps a long time ago. I believe one of the diy headphone amps is based on that Krell's flagship headphone amplifier.

    Yeah, yet another vastly overpriced headphone amp. At least sinaudio did some homeworks unlike Mcintosh: Balanced output. It's ridiculous to sell an headphone amp without balanced out and cost more than a grand.
  5. TwoEars
    Look at that, I had no idea. Nice collector's piece right there.
  6. wnmnkh Contributor
    Yes. This is the one. Krell KSA 5
    You can make one if you are good at soldering. Diyaudio forum has a lot of information for this amplifier including board and stuffs.
  7. erikfreedom
    vastly overpriced? not at all.  expensive? yest it is expensive, but it is gonna be a hell of an headphone amplifier. unlike some other newer amps who cost more and have very unimpressive specs. simaudio are not clowns. they have more stereophile class A recommended components than any other manufacturer of high end audio. martin logan use their evolution 880 monoblocks to demonstrate their flagship monster neolith electrostatic speakers. c'ant wait to hear this thing with he-6. it is going to be a very powerful headamp. 8 watts into 50 ohms. dac is optional and add 700 to the price. my recommendation: buy simaudio moon 380d dac instead. it has been improved for 2014.
    I was supposed to get an audio gd amplifier, but that thing made me change my mind. I will be getting one for sure to use with my hegel hd25 dac. it will replace my b22 and my ef-6.
  8. JWahl
    ^This.  My jaw about dropped when I saw this.  This one could actually do justice to the price point.  Time will tell though, I suppose.  I've been getting more into tube amps now lately, but this one might pull me back in the future.
  9. Icenine2
    I don't know if this is overpriced or not.  But these aren't sold direct so you are going to have a significant mark up in price.  Just because it's a know manufacturer doesn't justify it being "good".  Look at Ayre reboxing Oppo players with upgraded guts and charging $$$ a few years back.
  10. erikfreedom
    this is not oppo stuff rebadged, this is simaudio moon neo line of integrated amplifiers reworked for headphone amplification duties. this is serious stuff. and simaudio are not that well know. they are well know to hardcore audiophiles. most people here have no clues who they are.
  11. CosmicHolyGhost
    Just subscribing
  12. JWahl
    You're absolutely right. It really could go either way.   I'm critical of the Meridian Prime for it's price, even if it sounds great. Bryston on the other hand did outstanding with their first headphone amp.  I'm thinking and hoping this one will be more along those lines. And for the price, I expect this to compete directly with the likes of the Headamp GSX MK2 and Cavalli Liquid Gold.   Not to mention the relay stepped attenuators. Closest amp with that I kind think of is the Audio GD Master 8 but I think this ones looks better aesthetically by miles.  
    Lack of balanced pre outs makes sense. Bryson did the same with theirs, since their amp is significantly cheaper than their dedicated preamps but I doubt the preamps cost much more to make. They are just smart enough not to completely price themselves out of the market. And I'm sure you may be able to negotiate a "discount" with dealers. 
  13. Bones13 Contributor
    Its a good bit less than I'm paying for the BHSE.  I think its great that the bigger companies are waking up to the Headphone revival, along with vinyl. I am also interested in what Apple will do with the Beats line, save it or ruin it.
  14. Icenine2
    The thing about the BHSE is no middle man and it is just a stunning amp build and looks wise.
  15. JWahl
    GS-X MkII is a better comparison since BHSE is stat only.  And I appreciate Justin's work.  He can't mass produce like a larger company so his labor margins will likewise be higher just to break even compared to a larger business.  I think the Simaudio unit will be great also, and not that they are a huge business, as far as I know they aren't conglomerate owned like many of the older high end players.  I'm a really big fan of Resonessence Labs and Bryston, so maybe there is something to these Canadian high end companies haha.
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