Moon Nēo 430HA Reference Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by icenine2, May 16, 2014.
  1. sdwong
    I audition my Utopia with Dana cable on a 230HAD. Ended up putting an order for a I am willing to spend a bit more on a DAC.

    I also own a Aurender N100 which store all my music and output to a DAC via USB interface. Since, I do have quite some DSD albums. I hope to get a DAC with DSD capabilities. Reading various site. The PS Audio Directstream Junior or Holo Spring level 3 are interesting.

    Anyone heard the PS Audio or Holo Spring with the 430/Utopia combo? Thank you for your advice or perhaps a DAC of other maker I should pay attention.
  2. longbowbbs
    I have the Utopia's with the new Dana Cables flagship Lazuli Ultra cable, 430HAD, Aurender A10 and the PS Audio Directstream. When I listen to the system using the A10 as a source only, the DS as DAC and the Moon as amp only with the Utopia's and Dana's it is simply superb setup. Incredible detail.

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  3. sdwong
    Thank you very much. I will explore in the direction of Directstream Junior as my DAC..
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  4. jonahsfo
    I'm using the 430HAD with the Holo Audio Spring DAC (Level 3/KTE). I don't have your headphones, but I do use it primarily with Sennheiser HD800 and HD600s. The DAC was a fantastic upgrade from the built-in DAC in the Simaudio -- a noticeable improvement. The two work quite well together.
  5. sdwong
    Thank you for your advice
  6. Roybenz
    Hi all and happy holidays.

    I was wondering if i would benefit from upsampling to 128dsd or example just to 192kHz, with imac-roon-tidal and my 430had, ? I guess the 430 had does upsample also? Or could this make the sound worse in any way?
  7. longbowbbs
    I would experiment and see what you like. There are enough variables in the chain it would be difficult to give specific advice. Have fun and play with it. See what works for you!
  8. Roybenz
    It seems like there is a small difference on some of the upsampling, but im not sure if its better or not. Or if its there at all..
  9. longbowbbs
    That is the challenge when you get closer to the peak of the gear. The differences are small.
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  10. sdwong
    I am now incline of getting the MSB analog DAC for my 430HA -> Utopia combo. Anyone heard this setup?
  11. longbowbbs
    Nice DAC. A definite step up from the 430HAD's internal 9018 based DAC. I have not heard that combo, but like you, I knew there was more to be had than the on board DAC. I am loving the PS Audio DirectStream DSD DAC and the new Red Cloud firmware with my Utopia's.
  12. sdwong
    It’s not an easy choice not being able to audition the gear as a combination.

    A year ago, I heard the MSB with Vitus amplifer and YG acoustic speaker. I love the sound..I was not analyzing the system, just enjoying the music.
    During this Christmas holiday. I heard the DirectStream with Constellation pre/power amplifer and ProAc speakers. Sad to say, I am not impress. I know it’s not a fare comparison without swapping DAC with the same setup, but that’s the way it goes in my region. it’s also not possible for home trial unless you are a “big” regular customer!

    I am in favor of the MSB because, for once it’s part of a system I enjoy the music. Any advice is appreciated.

    It’s also sad that I don’t enjoy the Dave with Utopia. This decision could be so easy.
  13. longbowbbs
    You have to be happy. I am very pleased with the PS DirectStream combined with the 430 and Utopia's What I also like about the PS is that is if an FPGA Dac so they continue to release better firmware. You get upgrades for free. Just download the new firmware and it takes about a minute to complete. Simple. Better sound and sometimes additional functionality. Such as Roon end point or MQA. But as I said, you have to be happy. I know the MSB Analog is a very nice Dac. Also the PS does need a couple hundred hours of break in. If you were hearing a new one that would not give you a fair impression of what it can do.
  14. sdwong
    My local dealer told me the 430HA should be at my place in the next 2 days. However, there will be no sound till I pick up my DAC.

    I spoke to the PS Audio dealer and the unit I heard does not have the run in require. Furthermore, I heard the unit just power up without any warm up. I am now seriously considering the DS base on your recommendation. BTW, what is a good interconnect between the DS and 430HA? Will the AQ Wind or Earth be good?

    I hope I am staying with topics related to the 430HA.
  15. longbowbbs
    I am using AQ MacKenzie XLR between the DS and the Moon. You no not need a DAC to get sound from the 430, just some source plugged into the analog inputs.

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