Moon Nēo 430HA Reference Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by icenine2, May 16, 2014.
  1. jonahsfo
    This is a problem in Tidal, not in your DAC. How do I know? Because I have the exact opposite problem. For me, exclusive mode works just fine in USB to the 430HAD, but when I go through an external USB-S/PDIF bridge, I get static or strange noises until I disable exclusive mode.
  2. Roybenz
    I deleted tidal and installed an older version. And now it works! So happy :)
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  3. Roybenz
    Are you guys using upgraded power cable or usb cable? Is it anything to gain from these aftermarket cables? Would love some opinions or good advice.
  4. MikeRight

    I have just purchased the Moon 430HA but I am so worried with my unit.
    When I turn on the amp I can hear clearly an ambient noise.
    The noise still sounds with the amp in standby and turned on.

    It is an "electric noise" but too loud in my opinion.
    Two meters away of the amp I can hear it.

    Is it normal?!
    Thanks in advance!
  5. yage
  6. MikeRight
  7. TGBerland
    This is not normal; not a sound from mine (I have two).
  8. MikeRight
    You can check the noise here:

    1 click. Power on
    2 click. Stand by button
    3 click. Power off ... and you will hear the difference
  9. yage
    I hear it - sounds like transformer hum to me. If you've tried it in two houses, then it could be defective. I'd contact Simaudio to see what they have to say about it.
  10. Velomane
    Hey, me too! Not an iota of unwanted noise from either as well.
  11. MikeRight
    Thanks for your posts @TGBerland, @yage and @Velomane.

    I am waiting after 48h the answer of Simaudio.
    By the meantime I have shipped back the amp to the local distributor.

    Let's see what happen...
  12. MikeRight
    Definitely it was a problem with my unit.
    Thanks to Simaudio, the local distributor and the shop where I bought it for replacing the Moon in one week.

    Now I have the new one.
    No hum, no noises at all and great sound.

    It's time to enjoy the music!
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  13. yage
    That's great news! Glad to hear your dealer and Simaudio took care of you.
  14. chaojiliqilin
    Hey guys! Now the Focal utopia is on sale and I am considering to get one. One thing I am concerned about is that will 430HA match Utopia well? Utopia is a dynamic headphone and not hard to drive, which is different from abyss 1266 I am using now.
  15. theorist
    My favourite HP with the 430HA is my Focal Utopia, although I do have a Abyss-1266 Psi on the list as my next HP purchase. The Utopia matches very well and sounds great (I run it balanced as this is my personal preference), even if the 430HA's grunt is not necessary for it, unlike my LCD-4 and as, no doubt, the Abyss 1266 Psi will be.

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