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Monoprice Monolith M1060 and M560 Planar Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wordfool, Sep 13, 2016.
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  1. jotaku
    You should be fine with just about any good amp. The 1060s don't need a lot of power. I've run them just fine off my Oppo HA-2 on low gain.
  2. fpantalone
    They are great with the Mojo. More punch and clarity I find. Best pairing I have ...
  3. cirodts
    I wanted the audize lcd2 but they are exaggeratedly expensive in Italy 1,200 euros used, c is who says that m 1060 are very good and better than lcd2 and who says they are not so good, but the price of m1060 is very good.
    But the m1060 are good for thrash metal music?
  4. OldDude04
    I managed to snag a brand new pair of Audeze vegan pads with glue rings at a steal of a price for my M1060s. Can't wait until they get here next week.
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  5. OldDude04
    I got my vegan pads in this morning, and they are a game changer for me. I feel silly for not getting a pair much sooner. They are ridiculously comfortable, like MrSpeakers Aeon Flow level comfortable. But the best part is not only did they not cost me low end like I thought they would (I've had velour pads just kill the low end in the past), but they increased the bass by a good bit. I'm in love. I'm running Grace SDAC -> Emotiva A-100 -> M1060 with the vegans and smiling like a fool. :L3000:

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  6. theangelboy
    Yeah the vegans are fantastic. I was going to return my m1060 before I got the vegans. In this day and age of both legitimate companies and cheap knockoff companies that make pads someone really, really needs to make an exact clone of the vegans. Both for Audeze and M1060 owners.
  7. atilllla
    Where could you get one? Im currently using these. "110 mm angle sheep leather pads" from aliexpress. and they are quite good as well. With printed hexa grill and this type of fazor. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2666205

    This one changes the sound dramatically. This fazor is special because it lets the air moving at the side of the fazor blades. This releases the sub bass. Because from the earpad side the membrane is not muffled anymore. You can experience it when you lift the headphones a little bit from your head.

    I think this is why audeze vegan pads works well with m1060 s. It lets the air venting more than stock faux leather pads.
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  8. J-Fly
    Ok, finally took the plunge.
  9. Jim85IROC
    I did the same. I couldn't pass up the $200 Black Friday price.
  10. theangelboy
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  11. jj69
    I have a pair on the way myself. I cannot remember who it was, but someone here was making hex backplates specifically for the m1060c. Anyone remember who, and if he's still offering them? I don't think the standard m1060 grills will fit.
  12. theangelboy
    The grilles are larger and have a different hole pattern. Consequently, they changed it so it's compatible with the Audeze grilles. Here is the Thingiverse file for the M1060C grille. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2820652
  13. jj69
    Thank you! Who's offering 3D print services these days?
  14. Jim85IROC
    My 1060s arrived yesterday. I tried them briefly last night connected to my phone via a Dragonfly. Right away I was impressed at the clarity and the full bass response, but the Dragonfly didn't have enough headroom to do the job. Today I brought them to work and played them on my Monoprice DAC/amp. Again I was impressed with the great clarity, powerful bass, and unlike with the Dragonfly, with the power of the Monoprice amp, there were fantastic dynamics. When I switched back to my HD600s, it felt like I lost all of the details and dynamics, but the more I listened and compared, I started to feel like the "detail" I was hearing might be a harshness, perhaps from that 5k ringing. It seemed like they were getting fatiguing, where the HD600s, while lacking the midrange detail, were just way easier to listen to.

    But, I might be jumping to conclusions. I had a headache all day, and was listening at fairly loud volumes, plus they're brand new. I left them on when I left work, so they can play all weekend to help break them in.

    Lastly, I ordered a Schiit stack. :D The Monoprice DAC/amp has been fantastic with the HD600s, and has way more power than I need to drive the M1060s, but with a 10ohm output impedance, I don't think that it is doing anything to tame the ringing in the monoprice cans. The Schiit Vali has a much lower output impedance, so the damping factor will be much higher.
  15. atilllla

    Thats the main task with this great cans: to eliminate the harshness. There are many ways to do it.
    The easyest it to unscrew the grills and put a 5-6 cm diameter paper towel spot behind to it (to the center). The size of the paper towel is the key. If its too big then you loose the space of the music. If its too small then the harshness remains.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2018
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