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Monoprice Monolith Liquid Spark - By Alex Cavalli

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ufospls2, Apr 4, 2018.
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  1. all thumbs
    I mostly bought the V40 because the DAC was tuned by a different company and they included EQ. I just got Audeze ISine10s and most people not using the Cipher cable with them use EQ. I didn't want to root and use V4A (for reasons).

    Overall I find it similar in power output for higher ohm headphones and the sound quality is comparable. The tuning is noticably different but I wouldn't say it is better or worse, just different.

    They still didn't include a manual way to change to the high ohm output levels.
  2. Shane D
    I find that my LG V30 automatically goes into Hifi with pretty much anything. I think it's a great phone for music. I never use it for music at home just on the move. I am on a two year plan and will buy a V40/V50 next fall.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Shane D
  3. JazzVinyl
    Merry Christmas everyone.

    I am trying a combo, I really like. DAC->ECC88 Tube Buffer->Liquid Spark...


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  4. avitron142
    Love the build of that! Where did you buy it?

    Would it be correct to assume that the tube buffer gives the signal a tube-like sound going into the amp? Not sure what the difference would be between providing the buffer before vs after amp.
  5. JazzVinyl
    That famous auction site:

    It comes minus the tubes and minus the power supply. The power needed is 12 volts of AC. Most devices wants 12 volts of DC, but not this one, you must supply 12 volts AC to the power input jack, I bought a transformer and case for the transformer and made my own power supply.

    The tubes are vintage Amperex orange globe ECC88's (actually made by Philips). All total, for tubes and DIY power supply, it ran about $120.00 USD.

    And yes, the tube buffer provides zero "gain" your just running the input signal through the glass valves to add that tube flavor, then on to Spark.

    My impression is very favorable. Thickens the mids, bass still powerful but less "subsonic" and it smooths the treble...

    Like it!!

    Have not heard Liquid Platinum, but maybe this gets you close...on a budget?

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  6. avitron142
    Wow! That's a bit more than I expected haha. Any reason you chose this route over getting a dedicated tube amp?

    I'll focus on getting the Spark first... just waiting for a sale on the site - MP offers free shipping there, and it's likely easier to get a promo too.
  7. JazzVinyl
    I have several 'real' Tube Amps, too.

    The Liquid Spark is perfectly nice, by itself, you will almost certainly be pleased with it.
  8. avitron142
    I just ordered one, what have I done...

    Impressions will come as soon as I receive it.
  9. billbishere
    Got my D10 today to go with my Liquid Spark. I replaced a Fiio 10k using DAC only feeding the spark. It is a nice Audiable upgrade over the 10k.

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  10. Sharpty
    It sure would be sweet if Monoprice released a matching dac to truly compete with the schiit stack
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  11. billbishere
    Yes, that would be cool. Maybe we will see it this year. I am really liking the sound of this combo tho!
  12. waynes world
    I have an SDAC. I was looking into the JDS Atom, but my friend got me looking into the Spark. This review says a lot about the Spark that I like:

    I haven't yet had time to read through this thread (I will do so later), but if anyone has any praise or complaints for their SDAC + Spark pairing, please let me know.

    Also, I'm in Canada and I can get the Spark from amazon.ca for for $195CAD total (after taxes) and I'm sure it's worth it. Having said that, does the Spark ever go on sale? Does anyone in Canada knows of a place to get it for less?

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  13. waynes world
    I broke down. Found it for a few bucks less somewhere else. Can't wait to get it!
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  14. Shroomalistic
    I just pulled the plug on the spark also, should be here Thursday. I wanted something with more power then my o2 to drive my t50rp mkIII and argons when I get them. Pairing it with my fiio k3 which is a pretty awesome dac.
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  15. billbishere
    Congrats - let us know how it turns out! I LOVE mine. I recently got past the 150 hours they recommend before judging the sound signature. I am still a little taken back by the recommendation but, I can't really tell much of a change. If at all. But I loved it straight out the box tho!
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