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Monoprice Monolith Liquid Spark - By Alex Cavalli

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ufospls2, Apr 4, 2018.
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  1. waynes world
    I am loving the Liquid Spark off of the Massdrop Grace SDAC. Brings new life to my gear, and in some cases, just blows my mind how good it sounds (ie with Nighthawks and 1more H1707's).

    Between the SDAC+Liquid Spark for desktop needs, and the Radsone ES100 for portable needs, I'm about as content as I have ever been in this hobby :)
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  2. Shroomalistic
    I haven't got the full 150 hours on it yet :dt880smile: but I love it so far. My O2 was just lacking the power needed to drive most of my cans the way I think they should. K7xx, HE4xx and m1060c's all had big improvements with the extra power and sound great. The biggest improvement is with my t50rp's. Huge difference in power and sound. No real negatives so far and paired with my fiio k3, its a great combo. Cant wait to get my Argons and see how they run with it.
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  3. waynes world
    Yeah, I have a pair of nicely modified T50RP's, and you are right, the Spark drives them very nicely and they sound awesome. And other orthos that I have like the Yamaha HP-50A really come to life as well. Basically, everything sounds great off of the Spark.
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  4. wje
    I received the Liquid Spark last week. Using the DAC in the Fulla 2 at the moment with the HE-400s headphones. It's quite a good combination. Then again, I've been running several combinations over the past few weeks. Massdrop LCX, Schiit Jotunheim along with the HE-400s, HE-560, HD-6xx, HD-58x, as well as the Focal Elear. The Liquid Spark does not disappoint. After taking a break from the headphone scene for a few years, I can't believe all the developments that have happened and so many products are well within the reach (financially) for many to now afford good gear.

    Liquid Spark Fulla HE400s.JPG
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  5. atomicbob
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  6. Zachik
    I wish Monoprice had a version with a decent DAC... I am currently using the Monoprice desktop headphone amp (Product # 11567) as my "work setup" driving Sennheiser HD569 out of my laptop. The Liquid Spark (with a decent DAC built-in) would be a nice upgrade!
    I know there are plenty good DACs around, but I want it to be a "single box solution" - USB in, headphone out. Office open-space friendly...
  7. wje
    I'm sure many are in agreement with you. Being you have the HD569, they don't appear (on paper) to be too hard to drive. Have you considered the Schiit Fulla 2? I realize this is the Liquid Spark thread, but thought I'd suggest a "desktop-friendly" all in one simple solution for use in a work environment. I don't use my mine to drive full-sized headphones, but rather my Focal Sphear ear-buds.

    Though, being that Massdrop has also a relationship with Dr. Cavalli, maybe, they'd consider a Liquid Spark / Grace SDAC combination in one package? The have the O2 amp / SDAC combo, but the Liquid Spark (IMO) is more capable than the O2 amp from both a sound and power perspective.
  8. Zachik
    I have (somewhere) the original Fulla... Those are not even playing in the same league... I would rather stick with the Monoprice desktop DAC/Amp!

    That would be awesome! Exactly the kind of product I am hoping for, and for many many new audiophiles - that could be the 1st introduction into the hobby.
  9. wje
    At the moment, I'm using the DAC portion from the Schiit Fulla 2 paired with my Liquid Spark and it performs well. I have a picture of the stack a few posts up.
  10. Zachik
    Saw your photo. I was looking for single DAC/Amp to replace my Monoprice Desktop one that I currently use. My original comment was Liquid Spark with decent DAC (in single case) would be ideal for my office setup :)
  11. wje
    The Massrop Liquid Carbon X is a nice rig, if you have the space for it. Cavalli sound paired with the Grace SDAC. $379 (new) but you can find it for about $300 used. I love mine.
  12. Zachik
    Already got the LCX (from first drop, before the SDAC combo was announced)... too big for me (for office use) :wink:
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  13. billbishere
    THat is pretty much my setup except I have the Topping D10.... I actually considered the SDAC but went with the topping mostly because of the screen.
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  14. i20bot
    Man, the HD58X and Spark is a great pairing. Got the Spark couple weeks ago but had my 58X put away. Finally took it out to test them on the Spark. It smooths them out. Sounds more effortless and silky. HD580 is a little more veiled than the 58X. Haven't taken my HD650 out to try on the Spark yet but I'm guessing they'll be more like the 580. My previous amp was a Project Horizon and with that amp I liked the 580 better. But the Spark makes the 58X sound better than that. My Project Horizon was starting to make a lot of noise so I said to hell with it.
  15. foubarre
    My current music setup at work is Spotify HQ/MacBook/Dragonfly red/ Ety ER4XR | Zu modded HD280 Senn; I was fairly happy with it but just impulse bought the Liquid Spark hoping to take it to the next level.
    The device quality is amazing for the price but while music indeeds sounds much better to me by most criteria (bass, soundstage, details, tone), the lack of "percussion" / "attack" is a showstopper: e.g. snare drums / cymbals impacts sound too soft, vibraphone & piano don't cut through enough.
    I get that impact listening to DF Red directly; with the Spark in between, sound is more beautiful but it doesn't make me want to get up and dance anymore. :frowning2:
    I'm on the fence about returning it, is there anything I can do or check to improve impact? (I'm close to 50h break in time, using slightly above cheapo grade monoprice premium jack/RCA cable, DF as preamp with output levels maxed)
    I'm not very familiar with audiophile reviews jargon but reading Liquid Spark reviews in hindsight, is this what is being described as "tube like", "warm", "soft", "cozy", "polite"? If so I guess I should rather try Schiit's Magni 3?
    Are there any objective measurements in gear reviews corresponding to this?
    - thanks
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