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Monoprice Monolith Liquid Spark - By Alex Cavalli

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ufospls2, Apr 4, 2018.
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  1. Sharpty
    Thought I would take some nudes in case anyone was lookin NSFW

    First listening impressions; Very articulate/ controlled bass. Notice an immediate difference coming from my USB audio interface, the transients are the most noticeable especially with challenging electronic music. When listening to square/ triangle/ sawtooth synths the improvement is night and day. Granted the headphone out from my USB interface is just mehh and my HD 25 SP-II phones still leave something to be desired. Overall though, there's nothing bad I can say about the Liquid Spark at the moment. To the people who say this thing is bright or fatiguing, I can almost guarantee that it's your headphones, not the amp. The Liquid Spark is definitely the strongest link in my chain right now. Just need to get some open backs and see what this thing can really do.
    Photo Dec 16, 1 37 35 AM.jpg Photo Dec 16, 1 40 48 AM.jpg Photo Dec 16, 1 41 03 AM.jpg Photo Dec 16, 1 42 04 AM.jpg Photo Dec 16, 1 45 04 AM.jpg Photo Dec 16, 1 52 31 AM.jpg Photo Dec 16, 1 53 11 AM.jpg Photo Dec 16, 1 54 31 AM.jpg

    Btw, does anyone know the max signal input voltage for this thing? I'm using the line out from a USB recording interface and it seems pretty hot. Just want to make sure i'm not overpowering anything.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2018
  2. dBel84
    I use modded T50RP with this amp frequently (along with other orthos) and it has no trouble at all driving them well.

    Truly amazing amount of goodness in this small package.

    .. dB
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  3. avitron142
    I guess another question... anyone user these with the HE400S?

    If there's anyone in the NYC area that'd be willing to loan me one for a day or two, I can do impressions vs the Aune B1 and the like.
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  4. JazzVinyl
    My Liquid Spark arrived today. Seems to function properly. I will spend a few days with it, before commenting on it's sonic attributes.
  5. lantian
    How would I go about grounding the liquid spark, if the source is a fiio x7 mk2? Can I just connect the rca ground to ground line in my house?
  6. runeight
    Are you having ground noise issues? IIRC the Filo is a portable unit without its own AC receptacle ground. If this is the case and only the headphones are connected to the Spark, then there shouldn't be a need to literally earth ground the system.
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  7. Sharpty
    The amp shares ground with the source, but is floated from the power supply if I understand correctly. Are you having any noise issues with your floating ground? I assume you could ground it to earth but if there's no noise there's no point
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  8. lantian
    Thank you, No no noise issues, was just beginning to wonder if it needs any grounding, since as far as I see it has none in my current setup that is Fiiox7 mk2 line out to rca to liquid spark to headphones. So basically I need not think about it unless I get some noise issues?
  9. elira
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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  10. Sharpty
    Yep, there's nothing wrong with a floating/self referenced ground, it has many advantages actually. You also run the risk of introducing noise by attaching it to earth. Battery powered and floating ground is arguably the best case scenario for low noise power.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2018
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  11. Zachik
    Good advice in general, but audiophile do not operate according to this one... :wink:
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  12. Sharpty
    If it ain't broke, fix it till it is.

    Then fix it some more. :ok_hand:
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  13. lantian
    Thank you for all the input
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  14. sacd lover
    I have had my Spark since the end of November. I absolutely love this amp. I have a heavily modded Doge 6210 tube amp, Millet Max, and a custom DIY 7n7 transformer coupled tube amp lying around here and I definitely like the Spark the best. What people say about the punchy bass, superb mids and the smooth treble .... and the overall coherency are spot on. I was going to buy the Massdrop DV 336 SE but I cancelled because I did not think the DV plus the 6xx will better the Spark with the M1060/58x. I have had that combo before and I do not remember them being anywhere near as enjoyable. So, I bought a second Spark for work.

    I tried the MP M1060 headphones and the Sennheiser HD58x, Senn 6XX and my assorted Alessandro headphones with the above amps and kept rotating. I always enjoyed the Spark the most. I also absolutely love the M1060's and the Spark plays like it was made for them. The Senn 58x are also extremely A+ good with the Spark. My Alessandro's sound as good as always on the Spark.... which is great.

    I have been away from headphones for several years and I could not believe all the new companies and choices. But, actually my end game seems settled already. Buy a Spark and a M1060 plus a Senn 58x and just listen to music. I think about the Massdrop CHT and the CLC amps but I find the music so very satisfying, as is, why bother? I know of no other headphone that IMO, can beat the M1060 without spending a fortune. Ditto for the Liquid Spark.
  15. avitron142
    Would this just be the difference between a solid state and tube amp? Or do they sound similar, just the Spark better?
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