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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. youngarthur
    I am in the process of using headband, instead of clips. I am using iSine,(First design) with headband, and waiting for parts from China, to do same with the 300. Will upload pictures soon.
  2. MrSlim
    Looking forward to the pictures.. I've been looking for candidate cheap headphones for the same idea.
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  3. youngarthur
    First attempt M300, with bits I had around. Very comfortable, no complaints on fit. Second attempt, when parts arrive from China. Having had first attempt, with iSine also, so after first trials, will definitely be going headband with them both.
  4. youngarthur
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  5. youngarthur
    Choice of colour optional!.
  6. MrSlim
    looks Great! dish on the details please..
  7. arrow34
    Yeah looks great, do you have a small walk through or a few pointers to share? Like where to get the headband?
  8. youngarthur
    Final design soon, and I will then post details.
  9. MrSlim
    any updates?
  10. youngarthur
    Settled on this simple design. Using Franks horse shoes, fitted into hollow headphone tube, rubber tubing, choose your own colour, to tidy things up.The headphone tubing, cut to length, to suit head size, but could of course, use headband cushion. 8411963945852941434.jpg
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  11. MrSlim
    Great! Do you have a link to the headphone/headband you used?
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  12. youngarthur
    KitSound Metro Bluetooth £9.99 eBay. When you have dismantled them, measure CAREFULLy, where you need to cut the aluminium, I used a standard hacksaw, the horse shoe stem, fits straight into the aluminium stem. I used a bit or tubing, just to tidy things up.If not sure about cutting the aluminium, you could instead, fit a headband cushion, under the headband.
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