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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. joenoone
    I got a cable off AliExpress and the connectors on it didn't work with one of the earpieces. I reversed the cable and same thing so it wasn't the cable. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  2. ggibby
    I have the PartsExpress cable with microphone, and one connection is less 'positive' and falls out easily, usually in storage,
    but haven't fiddled enough to tell if it's cable or pod.
  3. Pxncture
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2019
  4. tr33beard
    I noticed that with multiple cable swaps the two pieces of metal forming the "circle" for the pin in the cables to socket into started to spread apart and cause intermittent/complete signal loss. Not sure if this is your problem but using some ultra fine curved tweezers I was able to pinch the metal back together and get a secure connection on my set. Also noticed that the stock cable seems to spread it out quicker than other cables that I have lying around :rolling_eyes:
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  5. tr33beard
    I've been listening to these almost exclusively now since the 31st (though I have spent a few hours with my Mobius and 6XX to compare) and I finally found a setup that works for me.
    I found that my ears are too big for the ear hooks unfortunately, and after 20-30 minutes they feel like they're pinching so much its unbearable. The small ear locks work great, coupled with the small foam tips they include. I picked up a TRN 8 core mmcx cable from Ali for a few bucks, and its so SO much better than the stock cable. The stock cable is so heavy it feels like it's pulling them out of my ears. Finally after some tweaking I found what to my ears is a very good EQ profile (pictured below.)
    Once I made all of the changes here I find myself not taking these off all day, the sound is really great for the price, especially if they're on sale for sub $100. For sitting at my desk at work all day this is the only thing I'll be bringing from now on. Just want to say thanks to everyone in the thread for all the great info here, it was very helpful in getting things setup just right for me.

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  6. timb5881
    Agreed the stock cable is completely inappropriate for an iem. I picked up a memory cable that is silver plated copper, which made a big difference. It is much lighter.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
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  7. timb5881
    I tried the EQ you have shown, not bad at all.
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  8. MrSlim
    What Eq software are you using?
  9. tr33beard
    That's the Neutralizer app on Android. I primarily use these mobile, but I use Equalizer APO and the Audeze reveal plugin with the isine 10 preset on my PC.
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  10. timb5881
    I just downloaded Audeze Reveal. I have tried different Audeze settings (for their Headphone's which I do not own) with the M300. The Reveal is a free download.
  11. slapo
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  12. karana
    Do either of you have the STL file by any chance?
  13. arrow34
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  14. Frank88
    Hi karana, The CAD work was done by someone else. I don't own the file, but I occasionally do still print clips for fellow Headfiers. PM me if interested.

  15. trellus
    Hmmm, I have the 2-pin version of those -- I publicly griped about their reliability (I'll never use them at the gym again despite TRN's claim that they are water proof, lol) -- but they deliver the juice wonderfully to my BQEYEZ KC2.

    I hadn't even thought about using the MMCX version with the M300 because it seems they wouldn't be a fit due to the fixed nature of each earpiece on the TRN BT20 -- do you have this? I assume that means you wear the M300's upside down??

    Can you show us a picture of how that works on your ears? :D
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