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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. slapo
    I have both the phone and the camera batteries charging at the moment. I managed to snap this one before the camera battery died:

    The curve the short cable of the BT20 means it clamps onto my ear, but fairly gently. I can actually wear them cable up and cable down, although the latter only really works if I don't bob around too much.
    It's pretty quick to put on either way, though.
    I can try taking a photo of it on my ear later this weekend, but I'm rather shy, so no promises.
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  2. m8o
    Hi Frank. After reading many people in the iSine thread recommend "get the hooks from Frank", I decided to try them. Just had a thought tho...

    Just wanted to recommend you put most of the content of the post I'm replying to in your profile page here on head-fi. A sort of 'guide' to buying clips from you.

    Once I got past discovering the right Frank's profile name (grin) what is in that post is exactly what I needed. It took a little bit to find it tho. I'm figuring if you had it in your profile, it would make it easier on your buyers.

    Best regards
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2019
  3. trellus
    I understand the shyness, I don't like showing off my big ears, lol... I am just having some difficulty understanding how it would work unless you turn them upside and reverse the sides, e.g., connect the left M300 upside down on the right TRN BT20 earpiece and the right M300 upside down on the left TRN BT20, right?
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  4. Frank88
    Thanks for the suggestion Steve. I started making clips for just a few Headfiers a year ago. There's over thirty of us using the clip/hook combo now. I'll put some info in my profile to make it easier for Headfiers to find.
    Thanks again,
  5. arrow34
    I am tempted to get those bt20 to try these out. I use the bt3 with some kz iems.
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  6. buzzbuzz
    Monoprice has a sale for the M300 $99.xx + 20% off coupon today. Too bad I just brought a refurbished one for $80 just two days ago.

    Same sale for M1060 for $250 before 20% off coupon
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
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  7. slapo
    Apologies, I'd thought I'd replied to this, despite having chickened out on the photo.
    I can actuallly wear mine both ways, as the grasp is firm enough (but not excessively so).
  8. xophere
    I started with the cheap brainwaves ones and striped the memory wrap from the ends. Now I am using the set from the Tin T2's and have a more expensive one from ali express on order. There does appear to be some channel imbalance on my set. I was blaming my ears but it seems more then my normal difference.



    With the brainwaves cables I tended to like a pretty complicated eq. below but now with the tin t2 cable I feel like the darkness isn't as present any more.
  9. buzzbuzz
    ve a pair of Monolith 300. Love it, except the problem with getting the comfortable fit. I brought another m300 on eBay knowing that 1 unit has no sound. But I wanted the earpieces and clips.
    Any way, the former owner had attempted to pry open the non-working unit. I have never seem the inside of the M300, but I cracked the shell with a credit card. Good start. Then I pressed the mmcx connector down and managed to get sound, as long as I continued pressing down. Great start. Then I used an multimeter to check the continuity and determined the loose connection was on the back side. But the "speaker" unit (with the round magnetic unit) is glued to the ear side of the shell. So I carefully separate the unit from the shell to take a look. As you can see on the picture, I ripped the very fragile aluminum coil/film. In fact, there was very high chance I would have ripped the coil film even I knew what it looked like in advance. Oh well.

    I posted these pic for other brave souls come after me.
    pic1 (2).jpg pic1 (2).jpg pic2 (2).jpg pic1 (2).jpg
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2019
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  10. timb5881
    Nice! Now let the modders get going onfazor and other mods.
  11. buzzbuzz
    Not sure about the mod option? There is magnet on just 1 side (the round disc). For it to make sound, the thin diaphragm has to be stretched and the edge is glued onto a stationary frame (like Saran warp). I think the diaphragm moves very little air, therefore a fazor guide may not needed.
    The mod I was thinking would be to strip out all the unnessary shell material. For example, the outside half of the shell is really not needed, because the magnet disc is protecting the diaphragm. A piece of nylon (panty hose )would be used to replace the outter shell. The ear side of the shell can be trimmed to lose some weight too. Without the extra weight, the m300 can easier be secured with mmcx cable with ear hoop.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2019
  12. lgcubana
    I guess the prior owner wasn’t aware of the 5 yr. warranty.

    Just yesterday, I submitted a request on my 14.5 month old M300s. I’ve already been sent a return shipping label and dropped them off at FedEx.
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  13. dogears
  14. xophere
    A lot of us got them for $80-90 but those don't come with the warranty... Maybe that was the origin of the disassembly?
  15. timb5881
    I got me me as an open box. Other than an ear hook broken mine are fine.
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