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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. youngarthur
    Having broken 3 over ear clips, and basically very bad response from Monoprice, I am finally in the process of making a over ear headband, and fitting the M300 to them, thus giving a good pressure, and no bloody ear clips to break!.
  2. timb5881
    Cool,please show us your progess and designs.
  3. youngarthur
    Progress at the moment, is at the frustrating stage, and I am waiting for parts to turn up,so I hope to post pictures in about a week.The M300, have seriously tested my patience, and Monoprice have been hopeless. I open a dispute with them, 3 weeks later, I get an email from Joseph, saying, they are looking into it, 3 days later, another Email, asking how Joseph had handled things, but still basically getting nowhere.I don't get on with the rubber bits, and so without the over ear clips, the earphones are useless to me., hence the drastic mods. My ISine 20, don't have the same problems though for some reason, and I might mod them as well we shall see. I don't drink alcohol,but am seriously thinking of taking it up!.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2017
  4. Devodonaldson
    Please forgive me if you very already answered this, buy why don't you just use your iSine 20 hangars?
  5. youngarthur
    The angle of the nozzles are different. The ISine has the same angle as a lot of earphones, the M300,less so, meaning the iSine rests on my ear canal, with the earphone level to my ear, but the M300,sits at a different angle to my ear, meaning the iSines ear clips are also flush ,but with the M300 sitting at a different angle, the ear clips are also at a different angle.My plan, is to use an over ear design, with which I can interchange both of these. I am just waiting for parts to arrive.These observations are just my old ears. I blame these problems on Global Warming.
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  6. Devodonaldson
    You can change the angle on the hangars by using constant pressure, and some fire to increase the molecular in the plastic thereby making it more pliable. Once you've gotten the desired angle, cold water to resolidify. It's how I did my hangars, til I moved to the earhooks
  7. Fra D
    2 cents worth 5 minute job, will last forever...

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  8. youngarthur
    I have tried this. The clip will still break, if you are not extremely careful how you place/ remove them.Forward/backward pressure, has a little give,sideways pressure is the problem for me.
  9. youngarthur
    IMG_1679.JPG IMG_1660.JPG First attempt, second will be better, firm fit, and using the Standard thick cable.Also foldable!.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
  10. timb5881
    Those look like reloop headband from their rph6 headphones.
  11. youngarthur
    V7 headphones,£5 off eBay.DO NOT buy these for their sound quality. ( That should read..Sound noise!!.)I only needed the headband, so the rest is in the bin. Having done more mods, I am now using the large earbuds, and with them resting on the ear, am getting a very good seal. I have worn these all day, while I am doing jobs around the house, and even with the thick cable, they don't move.Having also modded the iSINE 20 as well, I feel I am getting the best sound that is available with both of these planers.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2017
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  12. Frank88
    Hello everyone. I own the M300s too. I 3-D printed custom ear clips and that made all the difference. I love my M300s now. Like many others, I had two clips break on me right away. A black one broke in the case almost immediately, and a clear one broke a week later. The clips are flimsy, break easy and are uncomfortable on my ears. We have a 3-D printer in the house so I set to work making custom ear clips before I broke a third one, which would have put the IEMs out of commission. It took a few tries but I have those M300s right where I want them. They are comfortable, stay on well, and sound great. I'll post pictures of the clips once I am able to do so. (I am a new head-fi member and don't have ability to post pics yet). Happy to share ideas on custom ear clips in the mean time though. I think the M300s have real potential. The clips are a design flaw that is fairly easy to rectify as shown by others on this thread. Thank you for sharing. I hope Monoprice addresses the issue soon.
  13. magicboyguccino
    what is the size of the earclip in mm? (the circle part that attached to the headphone)
    i want to try to find on ebay or aliexpress before i order the m300 :)

  14. youngarthur
    A quick measurement, and bad eyesight, put the inside measurement of the ring at 18mm
  15. Frank88
    The clips we made have an inside diameter of 17mm. That matches the diameter of the original clips.

    Please let us know where you find aftermarket ones on line.
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