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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. Devodonaldson
    It's looks like Audeze got tired of us purchasing their ear clips for use on a less expensive alternative to the iSine, and decided to make their own either the new $199 iSine LX. Haha, yeah, we must have really gotten on their nerves.
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  2. trellus
    Got them in, stock tips -- terrible sound. Fit really hurts. Put on Comply 600 foam tips -- sound MUCH better. However, those little ear hooks are just painful -- plus, I feel like I'm going to break them.

    I tried ordering the Audeze iSine accessory kit, thanks to a link from a fellow Head Fi member (can't remember who, unfortunately), but they're either out of stock and just not showing out of stock, or they're having general problems with their web site since after putting them in my cart, I couldn't check out because it would say there was a problem calculating the shipping options -- and that, given three different addresses, all of which I get packages at regularly, so... strange! :)

    I want to like them but ... not sure yet if I'm going to keep them as they are painful to wear... and the sound is still just strange to me. This isn't my first planar, either, by any means... these just sound wrong, and I lack the ability to really nail down how.
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  3. trellus
    I'm having moderate success with the earlocks -- my hair is one big problem, but thought it takes quite a bit of work to get the earlocks to work for me, it's worth it as I've already snapped one of the black ear hooks, and the earlocks are way more comfortable for me than the earlocks.

    Also, I think my brain is burning into the sound... it sounded so strange to me at first, and I'm thinking part of that strangeness, at the least, was just expectation of an IEM sound, and these sound so -- un-IEM like to my ears.

  4. Devodonaldson
    Lol. You're welcome for the link. Yeah, these Definitely sound nothing like iems, which worked for me, cuz I started to really dislike iems over the years. Had a couple open back over ear headphones, so the sound profile of the m300 was welcome. I agree the stock silicone tips sound atrocious, but the one pair of thin memory foam tips included do present a different, welcoming, warm sound signature. Even different from the comply. A darker signature, I was quite enjoying, until I accidentally ripped them. After some time, please give further thoughts on the m300. I personally quite love them. Still fully prefer over ear cans, but for a quick throw on and for a different "planar" type sound, these are wonderful. The earliest take getting used to, but I have it down now, to where it's quite easy. The trick is to secure the bottom in first, then the top, then pull your ear around the middle.
  5. trellus
    Ah, well mine only came with one memory foam tip -- it was an open box, and that's the only thing that was missing, so I'm okay with that, given the price. So, I don't know what they sound like with that included foam tip, as the only complete pairs I had were silicone and I quickly replaced them with the Comply 600 foam tips after I had a listen with the stock silicone.

    Listening to them now. Something still sounds off to my ears but precisely because of the ritual I have to go through to put them in my ears, I can't really A/B easily with any of my other headphones -- as they are definitely not a "quick throw on" for me... :nerd:

    Still, I don't regret the purchase as it's really neat to have a planar in-ear, it's truly unique.

    As for getting the earlocks in, I think your description is about what I do, but to honest, I just do a lot of fiddling with it as I can't seem to find a repeatable process quite yet, but after a few minutes of adjusting them -- which, really, I am doing for an entire first song while they are in my ear -- I somehow manage to get them secured.:raised_hands:
  6. Devodonaldson
    Ah, makes sense. Silicone on these equals send back to manufacturer. Out of curiosity, what is your source? As I'm sure you know, different materials sound better or worse with different sources.
  7. trellus
    At work (where I first tried them):
    Spotify -> Yulong U100 DAC/amp
    ...direct from Yulong, also tried to Bravo Audio Ocean amp, then also tried to Schiit Magni 3

    Also, directly from iPhone 8 Plus via Apple dongle (that sounded surprisingly decent)

    At home:

    just now: Elecom Bluetooth receiver (AAC codec) from iPhone 8 Plus from Tidal (Lossless)
    Also: Tidal lossless on Mac -> Roland UA-M10 DAC/amp -> M300

    Just now compared the last to my HD 600 from UA-M10 -> Samson QH4 amp -> HD-600... wow, the M300 are very treble shy.
  8. trellus
    I will say that the sound is definitely growing on me, though... I can really crank them up loud and I hear no distortion, at least at levels I'm willing to listen to!
  9. Devodonaldson
    You're not the first person I've read calling them treble shy. I prefer dark yet detailed headphones
    Audioquest Nighthawk/Nightowl are my go to. They don't miss any detail, but there aren't treble spikes. They are relaxing. My portable cans are V-Moda Crossfade 2. The m300 actual are my brightest as far as treble goes. The dragonfly red is a bright DAC though.
  10. timb5881
    Has anyone tried to eq on the M300 ? Since there is there is no cipher cable for it, I was wondering if anyone had a good eq scheme.
  11. muffins
    So, based on my input my mother decided to purchase a pair or these, and naturally she let me listen to them. Gotta say they sound pretty decent. Problem is, at least for me, they are insufferably uncomfortable. Thankfully she isn't nearly as bothered by them. It seems to me the bore is just much too large, and I have to forcibly shove the earpiece in to get any kind of insertion. Quite a shame, not because I'd like to use hers, but because this has me worried about the comfort of the iSine's, which I was thinking of getting.
  12. youngarthur
    I have the M300, and iSine 20. The 20, has greater nozzle angle than the 300. The 20 sits flat on my ears, where the300are at an angle, to get the nozzle angled correctly for me. I think you will find the 20 are an easier fit than the 300, at least that is my view.Let us know what you decide, and how you get on.
  13. Batamphile
    I've been having trouble with the fit from the 1st day having m300, but after many tweak, finally found the perfect solution.

    First replace the horrible cable with any other basic mmcx cable with memory wire and set it for over the ear reverse hook.

    Second use Bose wing eartip.

    No more broken plastic tab, no more humoungous eartip that doesn't fit, finally a great sounding "budget" isine :)

    Sadly no "cipher" cable to fix the eq, but i found amping do help balance the sound and it gives much better bass quality and detail seperation.
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  14. trellus
    Yeah, I ditched the stock cable the first day and used another I happened to have, although I haven’t tried one with memory wire, that’s a thought!
  15. timb5881
    Where did you find memory wire mmcx cable and how much are they
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