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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. Frank88
    Here's the pics of the 3-D printed ear clips for M300. These are in blue PLA which shows up nicely in pictures. We have since re-printed in black with finer print setting making them a little smoother.

    M300 pic 1.jpeg M300 pic 2.jpeg
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  2. Fra D
    That's awesome, wish you would sell those, in black...
  3. Frank88
    Thanks. Hmm. Wonder how much interest there would be. These are just a prototype. To sell them, they would need to be injection molded. There would have to be enough interest to cover the cost of the die. I suppose the way to do it would be to make clips for both iSines and M300s. However, everyone's ear's are different and the angle might need slight tweaking to get the ear canal placement just right. Maybe that's why the manufacturers haven't put much effort into their clips.

    I sent a set to a fellow Head-Fier. Waiting to hear his thoughts on the fit.
  4. Ynot1
    I noticed the newer snake cameras have cables that are firm and shapeable. Therefore the cable holds up the camera in many unique shape and position.
    I wonder if something like that can be used here.
  5. timb5881
    So, what is the final consensus on the M300 iem from Monoprice? Worth getting? Pass?
  6. youngarthur
    For me?. Well worth getting. My iSINE 20, and M300 compliment each other, the downfall on both, being the clips. Had done some mods, with a headband, but am going to try something else very soon.
  7. Fra D
    Worth getting indeed. Just those crappy clips, unbelievable.....
  8. timb5881
    So I ordered a pair of refurbished ones today, $99 Plus a 15% discount for a final price of $85 plus shipping. I also ordered a pair of Monoprice beryllium IEM phones($19.99 Plus 15% off them as well). So if they still have some refurbished M300, you can get them for $85 if you use the enjoy discount code.
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  9. timb5881
    So what are you useing for wire? I would assume that a couple of layers of heat shrink tube might also work for softening the wire for comfort.
  10. Fra D
    That's pvc coated garden fence wire mesh


    The silicone wire hooks came with a cheap Penon Audio balanced cable off Ebay. Those hooks are on AliExpress also. Congrats on your purchase, $85 is a steal.
  11. Frank88
    $85? I don't normally buy refurbs but you can't go wrong at that price (provided you recognize the ear clip problem). Thanks for the post. I am going to order another set and give them as a gift.
  12. emusic13
    Possible to wear over ear and upside down without earhooks? Or are the nozzles angled
  13. youngarthur
    I think I poster a photo of me, wearing them upside down, it worked, but not a final solution.The nozzle angle,is around 15deg, and is less than the iSINE. I have tried headband mod, works, but not ideal, and am waiting for the postman to deliver a solution, which I hope will solve the problem for both the iSINE, and the M300. I have high hopes.
  14. timb5881
    Got mine yesterday. Initial listening is positive. I am guessing they may already be seated in as they are a refurbish/open box. Surprisingly the clear hooks are comfortable, I am going to try the ear lock ones and see how they work out.
  15. timb5881
    Has anyone had any success in using the earlocks? I finally figured them out, they work good, I am just worried they might slip out. As of yet they have stayed secured.
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