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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. Saoshyant
    Glad to see the project wasn't shelved. I suspect I'll be ordering at first opportunity.
  2. DrunkSaru
    I've been trying to find more info on this as well with not much luck but I'm not going to bite on this one seeing how I just bought the MP XXX earbuds. If the trend over the last 2 years continue, there should be some good deals by Audeze on Black Friday and the iSine's have been out for a little while now so cross fingers and hope that maybe the iSine20 will go on sale to a price similar to whatever these M300's will be.
  3. Saoshyant
    Perhaps the iSine10 will be at M300 price, but the 20 dropping to match the M300, which I'm hoping for 200 or less, seems unlikely. Would be great, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.
  4. DrunkSaru
    I should have clarified that black friday deals were mostly refurbished so refurbed isine20 is totally a possibility.
  5. Saoshyant
    I should ask, how much do you think the M300 will sell for?
  6. DrunkSaru
    just going off their reputation and trends, I would say $150 or under. A sweet spot would probably be $99
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  7. DrunkSaru
    $149 according to website:
    Model 24461
    Style In-Ear, Universal Fit
    Transducer Type Planar Magnetic, Semi-Open
    Magnetic Structure Toroidal
    Magnet Type High-grade N50 Neodymium
    Diaphragm Type Uniforce double side voice coil design
    Transducer Size 28mm
    Maximum Power Handling 3 watts
    Maximum SPL >120dB
    Frequency Response 18Hz ~ 50kHz
    Total Harmonic Distortion Less than 0.1% at 100dB
    Impedance 22 ohms
    Dimensions 1.3" x 1.6" (32 x 40 mm)
    Weight (per side) 0.48 oz. (13.5g)
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  8. Levanter
    Nice price, i'll probably jump in on these. Hope there won't be issues with their 1st version of the M300 unlike their M1060 which they had to release a V2 soon after to address the problems...
  9. kukkurovaca
    They even copied the surefire earlocks, which is kind of hilarious. I wonder if (a) they're the same dimensions and (b) if they'll sell them separately.

  10. FastAndClean
    poor man audeze
    I g o r likes this.
  11. HiFiChris Contributor

    Seems to be a pretty reasonable price, especially if they managed to get the frequency response right.

    I cannot really say I'm a fan of the cable (I'm generally not a fan of nylon/cloth-coated cables) let alone the design though. The rear vents look like effing camomile blossoms.
  12. leeperry
    5 year warranty again?
  13. jant71
    30 day money back and...
  14. manukmanohar
    Anyone knows about this query, I was having:
    Is it having an mmcx connector cable. If so, would a third party one with mic work.?
  15. DrunkSaru
    If nothing changes from now till launch, yes for mmcx and
    yes for the mic question.
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