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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. Saoshyant
    I'll be trying it with AK XB10 for BT when it comes out, which I imagine will be the closest chance I'll have for using it via BT. I've pretty much already decided for that price I'll be buying it no matter what, unless I see the iSine in the next month for that price. As I don't see that happening, I plan on placing an order on the 3rd.
  2. timb5881
    I am also looking at the M300 iem's! While I am fairly sure they won't be Audeze isine killers, they may well at least rival the isine 10.
  3. DrunkSaru
    I would assume that the M300's will just have a different tuning that will result in love or hate among users. It will also likely feel a lot cheaper than the Audeze's. Yesterday, DMS3 TV announced during his M565 video that he had the M300 review coming up soon so I would assume in the next week or so (Maybe sooner) we should see one of the first reviews for it. Unless he ends up giving it an amazing review, I still have my eyes on hopefully a refurbished iSine20 during black friday....(hope, hope, hope, hope!)
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  4. Saoshyant
    Still, a refurb iSine 20 for 150 feels unrealistic. If it happens, let us know however so a few of us can jump on in on the deal.
  5. DrunkSaru
    oh yeah, of course, I'm hoping more along the line of isine20 for $300 refurbed or the 10 $150 refurbed. ...
  6. gunwale
    i think it might be the isine killer.

    the isine 10 and 20 has a very safe and neutral tuning.

    most people eq them to their own preference.
  7. jant71
    What are the differences in the isine's sound between the two? I know one is 16Ohm and the 20 is is 24Ohm and the M300 is 22Ohm. Have to read up on that :)

    Also noticed they moved the date up. 9/29 ETA now :)
  8. heavyharmonies
    DMS3 review:

    In short, he likes them better then the iSine 20.... considering the iSine 20 is 4x the cost, that's weighty praise.
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  9. DrunkSaru
    dude, that review came up quick.
  10. Ynot1
    So even with an ear piece tip, because it is an open back design you can maintain situational awareness, like earbuds... cool.
  11. Levanter
    I wouldn't put much weight in DMS3 review though. He was quite hyped over the Cleer NEXT headphones although everyone I've seen rated them poorly lol
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  12. AlwaysForward
    Yeah DSM3 doesn't come across as super calibrated to me for some reason either. His review of the iSine was WAY off my impressions and a few others just didn't feel right either.

    That said, he DID hear the iSine and based on his impressions of slightly less overall detail but a preferable frequency shape on his rig, gives me the feeling that these might be the better option for iSine10 prospects; who wouldn't use Cipher or wouldn't have source capable Kmann's EQ sauce.

    For those interested in isine traditional cable plug and play, this review is fairly encouraging.

    For example: my aunt wants to buy my uncle isine for Christmas after he fell in love with mine. They're not audiophiles, love their Samsung phones and won't buy a DAP. They just want that sound they heard. Well, I think this might be the better recommendation for them.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2017
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  13. gunwale
    i guess this is probably worth 150 dollars since it is probably around the range of like triple more and etc.
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  14. jant71
    So, looking at the M300 and the cable exit can't one just use them over ear and forgo all the attachments? I did agree that the clips might be uncomfortable after a while and might not agree with glasses. Not to mention the clips breaking esp. after aging. and possibly becoming more brittle.
  15. SHAMuuu
    Monoprice is like Hyndai from back in the day where the Sonata looked like a Benz at the front and a Jag at the back


    Why don't they make r10 copies???? :p

    Im surprised there are no lawsuits from Audeze/Hifiman
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