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Monolith M1060C Closed Back Planar Headphones impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by FastAndClean, Jan 12, 2018.
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  1. FireLion
    Did anyone pick up one on ebay lately?
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2018
  2. SolaVirtus
    I just saw Massdrop has Dekoni pads for Audeze LCD series up now. I'm tempted to get the velour or hybrid ones for my M1060C. The stock pads are pretty good - I just find them getting a bit warm after long session on my head in this warmer weather. I'm thinking about what effect it might have on sound signature. Velour for $40 and hybrid for $70 is part of the consideration too.

    Anyone else thinking about these?
  3. theangelboy
    I really hope the Elite Velours turn out to be good Audeze Vegan replacements. I managed to get Vegans for my M1060 but earpads wear out eventually....
  4. SolaVirtus
    I'm going to try out the elite velours for that very reason. Plus they're cheaper.

    Given how the pads just attach with adhesive, swapping back and forth to test things out won't be ideal. I might rock the left side stock and right side Dekoni pad for a while. Don't judge me.
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  5. theangelboy
    No judgement here! :o2smile: I look forward to your impressions.
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  6. PockyG
    I just received my ZMF Suede Universe pads. I'm a bit mixed about them. They're incredibly well made and use nice materials. But I can't say I"m a big fan of the sound. They're thinner than the stock pads making it feel the soundstage is closed in making them sound more like nice headphones rather than almost like hearing speakers in a room. For me, they also boosted the treble in an odd way making some vocals more "spitty" if that makes sense. They also tended to soften the near perfect bass which was a big no no. On the plus side, they do fit on the fazor pad mounts very nicely :)

    I'll be sticking with the stock pads for the time being.

    Edit: Noticed this was the closed back thread... whoops.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2018
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  7. FireLion
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2018
  8. okanmojo
    So I've heard that there probably will be an updated version of the m1060c/m1060 with a new headband. I was about to buy a m1060c but now I'm unsure.
    Does anyone has more inside to this ?
  9. alexfry
    Where have you been hearing it?

    I’ve heard the comments on Zeos’ review.

    Seen people asking here and asking on the Monoprice Q&A page. But that’s about it.

    I’m in the same position as you, ready to buy, but holding.
  10. okanmojo
    Same as you, Zeos’ review.
    Apparently we just have to wait and see.
  11. Inoculator
    Thanks for the heads up on this, got the Elite Velour just in time. I am thinking I will really dig this change, as I found myself not able to use the 1060c with stock pads for very long now that we are getting into the summer months. Thinking I am going to have to try your Megalith mod as well to see if rounds out some of the nagging issues I feel like still hold me back from using these as my daily drivers. You still rocking that mod, or have you made any other changes? I have never modded any headphone so feeling a bit reluctant, but sounds like these small changes might be worth it.
  12. Inoculator
    My Dekoni Elite Velour pads just arrived and initial impressions are fantastic. Thank god for removable cables, because I accidentally put the first pad on backward so had to switch which ear cup was the right/left side.

    Comfort wise I am glad to have fabric earpads as leather/pleather ear pads have never been my favorite. An additional bonus I had not anticipated though is that these pads are a bit thicker than default so I am getting significantly better clamp force. As a glasses wearer, these pads also contour around my glasses frames significantly better, first full-size headphones where I feel like I am not even noticing my glasses. Now I am just hoping some sort of headband upgrade comes along and I could see myself actually wearing these all day.

    Sound-wise I don't notice a ton of difference, but I do find them a bit easier to listen to. With default pads I found the sound to be kind of aggressive and tiring after awhile. The 1060c just feel a lot more laid back/natural with the Elite Velour pads. Isolation feels pretty similar to stock pads.
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  13. theangelboy
    Thanks for the impressions! Those sound promising.
  14. FireLion
    Fixed my Audeze pads but sticking with the protien leathers. (paint rips if you take them off) I got the idea from the pleathers which have the ring on the outside.


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  15. SolaVirtus
    I've had the Dekoni elite velours on my M1060C for a few days now. I've done more TV/movie watching with it than music so far, so I'll add some more impressions later. Overall, I agree with much of what @Inoculator said above.

    Installation is a little tricky in getting the stock pads and tape off. If anything you're more likely to mess up the stock pads. I wouldn't have too hard a time getting the stock pads to decent shape to put back on if I wanted to. I did somehow manage to put the first one on backwards, so I couldn't leave 1 stock like I wanted to. They may be a little thicker, but I didn't have to adjust the headband to compensate at all.

    I like the Dekoni pads on comfort more for longer sessions, though I didn't have much to complain about with the stock pads there. It seems to me like the comfort comparison is more about personal preference with these.

    On the sound, I still have some more listening to do particular with music, but it's not a ton a different. Unfortunately I couldn't do a very good A/B comparison given my goof up on installation. I will say the sub-bass seemed slightly reduced, and the upper mids and lower treble a little more tame, but again, not very much. Overall I would say they come out just a little more laid back than with stock pads. Soundstage, detail, clarity all seemed unchanged.

    So to sum up - in early listening, the Dekoni elite velour pads made them sound slightly more laid back, and more comfortable (if you prefer velour), which means I'll likely be keeping them on for a while.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2018
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