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Monolith M1060C Closed Back Planar Headphones impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by FastAndClean, Jan 12, 2018.
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  1. hemtmaker
    Should have waited for it.... oh well
  2. hemtmaker
    T2 silver litz from the headphonelounge
  3. J-Fly
    The Memorial Day discount is enticing but people are still reporting problems. I’d rather pay full price for a revised version in the future.
  4. hemtmaker
    You can always return it if there was a QC issue right? Mine is okay so far and since I am not based in US, I will have to pay the shipping cost.
    Having said that, I would love to see the next version lighter, much lighter please
  5. philmarcus8
    I've had my m1060c for three days, burning in all the time. The first improvement I made was the purchase of a Blue Dragon Cable from Moon Audio. Huge difference in sound stage and better bass. Dramatic. Also longer lengths are available. The cans are taking awhile to smooth out in the high end, but they're making progress. Very immersive and involving. Lots of detail. Burn in for both the cable and the cans are very necessary. If you order the Blue Dragon, request the termination for the Audioquest Headphones, as they are compatible. Moon doesn't list the Monoliths yet. Enjoy!
  6. FireLion
  7. bjaardker
    I was going to, but I'm just so pleased with the sound from my 1060Cs with just the open back grill, I haven't wanted to wreck it.
  8. hemtmaker
    How do you
    me too and big thanks to SomeTechNoob for getting the honeycomb grill to me

  9. rnconync
    Just an FYI, these are on sale for $263 today ononoprice with coupon code may28.

    You can get the regular 1060 for $215 with the same coupon.
  10. J-Fly
    I’m optimistic and waiting for a better version that I’ll be willing to pay for at full price.
    FireLion likes this.
  11. FireLion
    Wait for the revised headband.
  12. alexfry
    Do people think the rumored revised headband will be available as a separate part?

    Are we looking at weeks or months for a revision?
  13. PockyG
    If Monoprice is really clearing these out for a revision for both headphones... I'd be seriously excited!

    They had a lot of time to get feedback on them and if they are damped and tuned properly this revision along with a sturdier headband, they have a big chance to really disrupt the entire industry.
    FireLion likes this.
  14. alexfry
    I'm curious why people think an update is imminent though?

    There is a discount code, but it's for the entire Monoprice store from what I can tell.

    They also have a general headphone sale on a the moment, which specifically does NOT include the M1060C.
    (Although it does include the open version)

    I know Zeos made an off hand comment in his review about the headband being revised, but is there anything more specific than that out there?
  15. FireLion
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