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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. dogears
    just check my profile please - too many to list haha
  2. barondla
    Hadn't thought to check your profile, dogears. That is a lot of equipment. Understand why you wouldn't want to list it all again. See that you have the Sennheiser HD800. Surprised they aren't end game? Definetly interested in your thoughts on the M&J GL2. Hope they arrive soon .
  3. dogears
    i'm a diyer by nature. got the hd800 used for benchmarking my tweaks/mods w my other hps. hd800 is very analytical hence it will really depend on your preference and mood.
    sadly, my unit has not shipped yet.
  4. willsw
    We are a dealer of Mitchell & Johnson headphones in the DC area, if anyone in that area wants to listen to the full line up (though we need to order another pair of MJ2s). 
    Not making a post as a dealer, more making a post as a user and listener, as I've spent a good amount of time with the GL2 (started with the kickstarter edition), as well as the GL1 and the MJ1. I find the GL series to have the most enjoyably even frequency response among the line, though they don't achieve the detail or bass of some of the other options. 
    One aspect I'm not enthusiastic about has been the cables. Luckily, I've finally found a solderable plug that fits in the GL2. Here are some cables I've made for the GL2, the MJ1, and the MJ2. An interesting thing about the stock cables for the MJ2 and the JP1 is that they're wired in stereo, while the cups are wired for left and right, so you can plug the cable in either way and it will work. 
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  5. barondla
    Excellent looking cables willsw. How do your cables compare sonically to the M&J? They look more heavy duty, but stiffer and heavier.
    As you stated, the GL2 requires care to find a properly fitting replacement cable. There is very little extra room in the wood earcup. Found a Radio Shack Auvio 2m braided cable that plugs in. Bought it as a back up. Doesn't have quite the effortless highs of the stock cable.They also had a very skinny extension adapter for phones that is about 2" long. That allows the use of fatter cables. Are you going to stock your cables or the original M&J? 
  6. dogears
    that's one long 3.5mm jack!
    nice cable tho :)
  7. willsw
    The relative stiffness, or willingness to kink, of the stock cables is what drove me to finding alternates. I haven't yet given time to comparative listening, as my primary goal was to find an alternate option (we'd of course stock the standard cable as well). The sleeved cable is made of miniquad mic cable, so it's quite flexible and not very heavy, and the braided cable is made of Audience Auric wire, which is dead-soft and has a very light insulation, so it's actually very flexible and light as well. I have a few samples of wire coming in to find something less expensive than the Audience (though it's not terrible) and higher gauge than the miniquad, which is still lightweight and flexible. For the GL2, and especially the MJ1, I think the stock cable isn't quite up to par with their price points. It improves with the MJ2.
  8. barondla
    Cables are always interesting. Headphone cables must be harder to design. Getting a great sounding cable that isn't heavy or thick isn't easy. People don't wear speaker wire. Willsw, please let us know how the cables sound when you get a chance.
  9. barondla
    M&J headphone owners, don't forget to enter the contest. Post a headphone picture to the official M&J Facebook page. The picture with the most likes and shares wins a free pair of Mitchell & Johnson GL1 hybrid Electrostatz headphones.
  10. dogears
  11. barondla
    Mitchell & Johnson Facebook contest runs until the end of this month. It will help get the word out about M&J. dogears, has your GL2 arrived yet?

    You mod headphones. Are you considering that with the M&J? I havent heard the HD800 (I own 600). Guessing they are more analytical than the M&J . By a lot.
  12. dogears
    thanks for that info.
    they are on its way to me.
    we'll see if it will need tweaking.
    i'm very interested also to compare it with my fostex ortho.
  13. barondla
    Dogears, I haven't heard the Fostex either. If they are planar, I would expect them to be less analytical sounding than the HD800? The GL2 aren't analytical. They are easy going. Are you trying to get modded phones to sound more like HD800?
  14. dogears
    not really trying to copy its sound - more of looking for its soundstage w my modded closed hps. maybe a musical version of it as well. my modded t40rp is very good candidate.
    barondla likes this.
  15. barondla
    Got it dogears. For sealed headphones the GL2 have a big soundstage. Interested to see what you think.
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