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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. barondla

    Welcome to the thread Tobias89. These are very interesting headphones! I have both the GL2 and MJ2. I will do a quick comparison.

    GL2 is nice plastic with solid wood earcups. 1 single sided detachable cable using 3.5mm trs connector in left earcup. Due to a trough in wood, the connector must be slim barreled. Oval earcups are smaller than Sennheiser HD600/650. Very light weight.

    MJ2 has metal construction with solid wood ear cups. Y cable with a 3.5mm trs going to each earcup. Cables exit out bottom of earcups and any barrel size 3.5mm trs is fine. It is impossible to reverse channels by plugging Y cord in wrong! No matter how they are plugged in left will always play left and right will play right - ingenious. Rectangular earcups are very slightly smaller than GL2 but have more ear room. Earcups are beautifully engraved with Mitchell & Johnson name. There is a hidden mechanism that easily allows folding the headphones! These are much smaller than the GL2 when folded and this makes for a very portable over ear headphone.


    There is a family resemblance to both headphones due to using the same hybrid Electrostatz technology. They are detailed without being analytical, open sounding with large soundstage and have the ability to image out of head when the recording permits. They are tuned differently. Both headphones are closed back and passively reduce environmental noise. They also preven others from hearing your music. It is amazing how open these closed back headphones sound.

    GL2 reminds me of a warm tube amp with detail. These are warmer than neutral with a lovely sound to them. Just lovely. Voices have body and display lots of emotion. The high frequencies are pure, detailed and smooth. Not bright. Can listen to these all day. So effortless they make many headphones sound ragged and a little broken. Very efficient and should play on anything including phones. They can image outside the head. The focus is slightly diffused compared to MJ2. These headphones require major break in. Thought they were broken upon arrival. One note bass, tizzy highs. I have never heard any other component change so much with break in.

    MJ2 is tuned more neutral in the bass. Probably just slightly warm. Slightly. There is more detail every where. The soundstage is large but slightly smaller than GL2. This is due to greater focus. Everything has an exact placement in the soundstage. The detail retrieval is amazing. The tighter bass enhances the jump factor when something is banged or dropped. The transients are incredible. There are recordings that make me jump every time. Even though neutral tuned, these headphones never sound cold or clinical. They just have amazing amounts of natural sounding detail. They are even more comfortable to wear than the GL2. These also improve with break in but sounded much better right out of the box.
    Hope this helps. Ask if you need more.

    After getting the GL2 and MJ2 my other headphones sit unused.
  2. barondla
    Considering a different cable for the MJ2. Had one suggestion about using a new Audio-Technica cable (think it is AT - have to check). Will also look over the link @Achel provided for GL2SE cable. There might be a Y cord there with tthe 3 trs connectors. Any other recommendations?

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. Enjoy the time and listen to some great music.
  3. barondla
    Cables are always difficult to select. They have to sound correct, be comfortable to wear, and be somewhat affordable. It doesn't help that cables are rarely swappable between different brands of headphones. Everyone uses different connections on the earpieces.
  4. Achel
    I think this one could be better ... http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Custom-Cans-low-capacitance-1-5m-braided-Litz-3-5mm-jack-to-jack-cable-/132036143661 but i'm not sure if it fit into the plug (seems larger)
  5. Jobbing
    @Barondla Are you looking for other cables just for the fun http://professionalaudiocables.co.uk/epages/eshop927201.mobile/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/eshop927201/Products/mRTRS-TwinPatch-2mRTRS (must be my search skills as I can't seem to find the straight neutriks), http://m.ebay.com/itm/271718089777?_mwBanner=1

    or higher quality wiring at a reasonable price like custom cables by the likes of Impact Audio (see Etsy), PlusSound, maybe even high end oned?

    or suitable jack plugs for DIY / Pono recabling/wiring? Even replacement of small connectors (HD700 type, D7200?) could be an option.

    The 2x 3.5mm twin jack plug with Y-splitter + termination of your choice isn't a commonly used configuration. There are a few available and of course can be made to order. Perhaps M&J can introduce matching cables once sales increases in the next few weeks.
  6. barondla
    @Jobbing, mostly cables to play with for now. Later I might try building some, using your diy links, or even buy some highend cables. Thanks for the links and info.
  7. barondla
    Listened to Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here last night on bedroom system with the MJ2, Sony SACD player and Nakamichi receiver. This is the Acoustic Sounds SACD. It is beautiful sounding, with impressive imaging and dynamics. The Electrostatz really bring out all the layers in the recording.

    This reminds me that I haven't listened to the MJ2 at all on the Oppo 105. Need to try the GL2SE also. Busy times.
  8. barondla
    Listening to Mark Knopfler - Sailing To Philadelphia 24/88.2. Reripped it using WAV this time. Sounds amazing on the MJ2 and PonoPlayer. More amazing than remembered. The Electrostatz bring out the subtle details so nicely. Hard to listen to one or two songs. The whole album just flys by. Wish Mark made more albums of this type of music.
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  9. Richter Di
    My MJ2 are now with me since January 23rd, and I had them running day and night when ever I could. So a very conservative estimate would be that they have run at least 250 hours. I feel it is important to mention this, since they changed drastically in the burn in process. Inbetween I thought I had made a very expensive bad investment. Today, I am so happy I took the leap and bought them. I really love them. Allthough other headphones might have a more detailed sound or deeper soundstage, the MJ2 really are so musical. They are phantastic.
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  10. voltize
    I just discovered M&J, these headphones look pretty decent. Unfortunately, there aren't many reviews out there. How do the GL2 compare to other closed back headphones in that price range? Do you know if it's possible to use the V-Moda BoomPro mic with it (standard 3.5mm connector)?
  11. barondla
    Hello Voltize,

    The Mitchell & Johnson compare favorably to other headphones in their price class. They have a large soundstage, and are able to image out of head. The sound is a little warm and very smooth. The Electrostatz driver gives very natural midrange and high frequencies. They do not have the massive dips and peaks in frequency response that most headphones do. The higher frequencies have an effortless quality that may only come from a driver light enough to move over 40,000 times a second. The GL2 are very enjoyable to listen to. Even though they are closed back, they have a very open sound. I was surprised at how open.

    Electrically the boom mic should work. The GL2 use an interchangeable 3.5mm trs connector. Mechanically, there could be a problem. The cable runs through a trough, in the wood, up the side of the headphone left earpiece. This requires a very thin 3.5mm trs connector. Even average diameter connectors don't fit. The boom mic connector looks thicker than average. Some people get around this by using a cell phone adapter that works with tight fitting cases. This is fine for a cable. The v mic appears to use the 3.5mm connection to stabilize the boom. You wouldn't have that with an adapter.
    Hope this helps.
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  12. barondla
    The Headfonics review of the Mitchell & Johnson MJ2 Electrostatz is up! Glad they performed so well. You want to read this review.

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  13. Richter Di
    Thank you for sharing this. I really like my MJ2 a lot.
    It is kind of strange when there is not a huge group of people who have heard them before and many reviews. So I kept asking myself, are they really this good? But yes, they are.
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  14. Richter Di
    My MJ2


    BTW I opened a thread in the German Hifi-Forum a while ago. If there are German speaking Mitchell & Johnson enthusiasts I would highly appreciate a comment from time to time :)
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  15. barondla
    Nice photo of your MJ2, Richter Di. What equipment are you listening to them on?
    Glanced at your German forum and it looks good. Wish I could read German. It is always good to see other people's impressions. Consider posting the link on the official M&J Facebook page. The more people see and hear M&J the quicker they grow.
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