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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. barondla
    What are some impressive songs you have heard with the Mitchell & Johnson Electrostatz headphones?

    On the GL2 The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots album. The cut One More Robot/Symphony 3000-21. 24/96 Pono Music download. The whole cut floats outside your head. Wow.

    On the MJ2, David Gilmour - Rattle That Lock. The Girl In The Yellow Dress song. 24/96 Pono Music download. This is a well recorded, jazzy piece. A piano is playing and something bangs down in the far right corner. It is so real, I jump every time. The transient response and imaging precision are so real.

    As @jobbing pointed out the M&J are great at reproducing out of head soundfields.
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  2. davide1957
    I am new in this thread, and I want to tell my impressions on these headphones, because I think it's useful for many to know.
    First I am not a reseller or a friend of anybody near Mitchell & Johnson. I have seen these headphones on e-bay, and I was very curious about the technology. I am very interested on electrostatic and bipolar speakers (I have had Quad ESL 63; Magneplanar MGIII), with wonderful treble but lacking the bass.
    I have a wonderful Sennheiser HE 60 with its ampli (the best headphones I have listened but awful ampli) and other headphones (Etymotic ER4; Beyerdynamic DT880; Koss ESP9), so when I have seen a dipolar system at a good price, I have bought through kickstarter a new Mitchell & Johnson HP1 headphones. It arrived in only 6 days after payment. I have used it with my Ipod (only classical music). At first I was disappointed for the dark sound (not electrostatic) but after 20 hours the sound was absolutely better than I ever listened with portable cans. Sound is very dynamic, bass tight but very, very deep; treble very selective and not harsh; only soundstage is a bit less wide than aspected, but it is due to the excellent presence. I wanted to compare it with the Sennheiser and the Beyerdynamic but my Head Amp is broken, I am searching for a new... However the comparision with etymotics is without any doubt at HP1 favour: deeper bass and more dynamic.
    At last I think that these headphones are an excellent product that lets a perfect audition also without amp; when I can I compare with baby Orpheus (this old electrostatic is still the best...).
    Many thanks to David Johnson for the support and the quick shipment, and of course for the winning project.
  3. ballard3
    HP1 or JP1 ?
  4. davide1957
    HP1. It's the same of MJ1.
  5. barondla
    Super post @Davide 1957. Glad to hear the HP1 are satisfying to an owner of such great equipment. I bought my brother the HP1 for Christmas. He has original Quads, Acoustats, and old Stax electret headphones. Now I am assured he will like them. Thanks.
  6. davide1957
    I have listened years ago to a Stax electret, good for 30 years ago. Another thing the electrostatics. 
    I ask if anybody has tried other cables for HP1 or GS2; I have noticed little benefits to use 5 mt cable vs. 1 mt custom cable. 
  7. Achel
    Cable is not brainwavz but homemade it seems. But I just received Fiio X2 2nd (firmware 2) and use it as DAC to my LD I+ and it's fabulous, better than with my HRT MSII and particulaly with the GL2 with the brainwavz earpads !!! that's insane ! with the short stock cable ... that really shock me
  8. barondla
    @Achel, glad you are enjoying the GL2. They are terrific sounding headphones and rather addictive. What type of music do you listen to the most?

    I listen to many different types but a primarily rock, prog rock.
  9. Achel
    Primarily rock, pop, blues and jazz. But I sincerly thought that it's some headphones where you need a good chain processing (good dac, good amp) or you'll need to use an Equalizer (not the case with Grado or Beyerdynamic).
  10. barondla
    @Achel, so you are using the Fiio with an amp? The M&J are very efficient. What does the amp add (besides volume) to the Fiio and GL2?
  11. Achel
    Yup when I'm using it at home, I use it as DAC, the amp make sound coloration (just roll tubes of your choice or change the OPA)
  12. barondla
    @Achel that is cool. I have tube speaker amps but don't have a tube headphone amp. Tube rolling is fun and a great way to change the sound signature to your preferences. The GL2 are efficient, do you have any problems with extra noise when using an amp?
  13. Achel
    Just a bit of sibiliance with very clear tubes as Voskhod or Svetlana and the OPA is a Burson V5i so normally there is no problem but I think it's due to the dac HRT I have to try with the Fiio at high level
  14. Achel
    Just have tried at full volume with Mullard and all is ok with more bass
  15. Tobias89
    These looks interesting. Any comparison between the various models?
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